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Courteney Cox Takes on the ‘Hot Ones’ Wings of Death Challenge

The 'Hot Ones' Wings of Death Challenge Has Been Accepted by Courteney CoxThe 'Hot Ones' Wings of Death Challenge Has Been Accepted by Courteney Cox

This is Courteney Cox’s second attempt at the “Hot Ones” wing-to-death challenge.

Even though she didn’t have much faith in herself at the beginning, Cox nailed the task, although she did, as expected, struggle with Da’ Bomb Beyond Insanity.

“Friends” and “Shining Vale” star Courteney Cox will be the focus of host Sean Evans’s questions this time around.

Also, he wants to know how to make a “Alabama sushi roll” from the Birmingham, Alabama-born star.

She demonstrates how to assemble a turkey sandwich with turkey, French mustard, mayonnaise, Havarti cheese, and Fritos before rolling it up “very neatly.”

As for Evans, he tells her, “You’d adore it.”

Evans also inquires about Monica’s favorite “Friends” love interest.

“Well, Tom Selleck was the nicest and tallest,” she answers, putting ice on her lips to combat the heat. “Jon Favreau is the best director; yet, he wasn’t directing at that time.”

The Last Dab approaches and Evans wonders why “Friends” has been so successful.

They say that “Humour is humor” and that “everyone can experience that part of their life” when you’re in your 30s and going through life with personalities who are so diverse from one another.


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