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Hey, lovely foodies! Have you ever sauntered down the vibrant Sliema seafront and discovered a charming gem called Peppi’s Restaurant? Well, let me take you on a flavorful journey to my absolute favourite hangout, where the food is divine and the views are to die for!

A Culinary Gem on the Sliema Seafront

Imagine a place where the cool Mediterranean breeze greets you, and each sip of bubbly Prosecco makes life seem just a bit more sparkling. Yes, that’s Peppi’s for you! It’s my sanctuary for those perfect girly lunches and tranquil seaside evenings.

Why Peppi’s Steals My Heart Every Time

Living a mere five-minute stroll away, I’ve become somewhat of a fixture here (and I wouldn’t have it any other way!). With their doors open from 8:30 AM to 11 PM, their kitchen is always bustling, ready to serve up a storm from breakfast through dinner.

The Food: A Feast for the Senses

My first rendezvous with Peppi’s involved diving into their fisherman-style mussels paired with the crispiest of fries—talk about love at first bite! And because one cannot simply resist, my last night featured fried rabbit with roast potatoes, all washed down with a glass of hearty local red wine. Both meals were delightfully affordable, with no dish costing over 35 euros.

The Ambience: Seaside Serenity

Though my visits weren’t warm enough for al fresco dining, I snagged a cozy spot by the window. The view? Simply breathtaking. Watching the waves kiss the shore as I dined, truly amplified the magic of each meal.

The Service: Effortlessly Charming

The cherry on top at Peppi’s is undoubtedly the staff’s warmth and friendliness. They make every guest feel welcomed – like you’re part of the Peppi’s family from the moment you step in.

Gatherings, Toasts, and Good Times

“Good food and great vibes” is the mantra here, especially on weekends. Whether you’re popping by for a bubbly brunch with the girls or a serene dinner by the sea, Peppi’s has it all. And if you can’t make it out? No worries! Their partnerships with Wolt Malta and Bolt Food Malta ensure you can enjoy their mouth-watering meals from anywhere.

So, if you’re ever in Sliema, don’t just pass by; stop by Peppi’s. Whether for a casual bite or a special celebration, this spot promises to turn simple meals into cherished memories. As for me? I’ll be back for those succulent mussels, mesmerising views, and the joyful ambiance. See you there!

TypeBar and Grill
LocationSliema Seafront Tower Road, Sliema, Malta
Phone2133 5621

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