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What a fantastic outcome for the Edinburgh screening of ‘The True Cost’ at The National Museum on Saturday, the 25th of July. The event truly dazzled, much like a spotlight on a high-fashion runway, drawing in an eclectic mix of style enthusiasts, eco-conscious fashionistas, and thought leaders.

What a Truly Amazing "Fashion" Outcome - The True Cost

The historic setting of The National Museum added an extra layer of grandeur to the occasion, creating a perfect backdrop for a film that elegantly stitches together crucial conversations about fashion and sustainability.

The buzz and energy in the air were palpable, a testament to the importance and impact of the film’s message. This screening wasn’t just an event; it was a statement, a fashionable nod to the growing movement of mindful consumption and ethical fashion practices.

the true cost

From buyers, bloggers, beauticians and bubbly individuals, the room was filled with an entertaining vibe and great charisma! Quoted by Colin Gilchrist creative Director & Founder of Social Tailor“We had the biggest turn out of all the events taking place during the Festival, so I am delighted with that. “

Strutting onto the Scene

‘True Cost’ Unveils the Catwalk of Consequences! The event was nothing short of a fashion fiesta, stitching together a kaleidoscope of people with a flair for flair.

Thanks to a fabulous squad of bloggers and the glossiest magazines, the hype was tailored to perfection, draping the screening in an aura of excitement tailor-made for this film.

It was a showstopper starting at 1 PM, with the film sashaying through 1 hour and 20 minutes of eye-opening revelations. Andrew Morgan, the maestro with a vision sharper than a tailor’s scissors, elegantly embroidered the heart-rending tales of unsung heroes in the fabric industry. His documentary, a tapestry of emotions and insights, left the audience fashionably speechless.

A true trendsetter in storytelling, ‘True Cost’ is a must-see for anyone who considers fashion their runway of life. Now available on Netflix, it’s like the latest ‘it’ accessory for your movie night.

Get ready to strut into a world of revelation as ‘True Cost’ asks: Who foots the bill for our fashion splurge? Unravel this mystery in ‘The True Cost’, where the truths behind the textiles are more than just a stitch in time!

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