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The Maltese sip and paint session was great since it combined the personal and creative parts of drinking with art.

Sip and paint Malta

At Sip & Paints, you may enjoy your wine as you paint. Does this sound like a fantastic plan? To discover out what it was like to drink wine while painting and chit-chatting, our team participated in a Sip & Paint signing session here as part of a team-building exercise.

Sip and paint Malta

Drink and paint classes are available for painters of all skill levels and provide a fun, creative outlet. Gargur and the surrounding towns provide a welcoming setting that is as entertaining as it is restful.

Sign up for one of our thrilling Paint & Sip classes today for a unique painting experience.

Attendees at Sip & Paint events, in addition to their paintings, can bring their own beverages and snacks. Beautiful portraits of the art jam participants can be taken in the on-site photography studio.

Sip and paint Malta

The blank canvas before us seemed insurmountable as we began our masterpiece, especially without our deft touches.

Quickly, our lecturer shifted our thinking. She walked us through the procedure and showed us firsthand how to alter our canvases. In the company of her adorable dog, Sugar.

We were told to decorate it however and with anything we liked. We may utilize our own unique color palettes, take the assignment in our own directions, and incorporate our own personal styles to create something truly original instead of a carbon copy.

Sip and paint Malta

Before beginning to paint the first layers, we carefully studied the composition of our canvases. The strokes, the paints and the layers.

Sip and paint Malta

As I made more brushstrokes and filled the canvas, I could begin to envision the possibilities of the blank space becoming a masterpiece.

Sip and paint Malta

Putting the finishing touches on our artwork was a relaxing and enjoyable afternoon activity. The innovative activity of painting together while drinking wine and snacking on food is a great way for friends, partners, and coworkers to spend quality time together.

With no pressure, we were able to paint freely, resulting in a masterpiece.

Sip and paint Malta

With full bellies, calm nerves, and a little more faith in our artistic abilities, we called it a day. The session of team building ended on a high note as everyone took a shot at the on-site photo studio.

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