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Now that the temperature is starting to drop, many have retreated indoors. However, this needn’t have to be the case. Here are a few ways to use your garden in winter.

How To Still Enjoy Your Garden In Winter

Keep caring for your lawn.

Most people give up on their lawns once summer is over. This can result in them becoming unkempt and ugly. As a result, most people don’t want to spend their time in the garden over the winter because it looks like a mess.

You can stop your garden from growing out by keeping up with its maintenance in autumn. Keep mowing your lawn whilst the weather is still reasonably warm, and try to keep on top of leaves and debris from plants and trees.

You can follow these tips to help prepare your garden for winter. Some people prefer to mulch up leaves by mowing over them because it can help to make the soil more fertile. However, if you’re still using your lawn in winter, you may find that this looks unsightly.

Invest in some outdoor heating.

How To Still Enjoy Your Garden In Winter

Having some outdoor heating could encourage you to dine still and socialise outdoors. Fire pits and chimineas are the most rustic ways to heat your garden and can be great for gathering around.

Another option could be to invest in electric or gas patio heaters. These don’t have to be lit, and so can provide warmth faster. Patio heaters can be expensive, so it’s worth shopping for the lowest prices.

Protect your outdoor furniture.

Certain outdoors can get ruined in the cold weather. Traditional cast iron furniture is likely to rust, while plastic furniture can get brittle and break away. There are ways in which you can protect your furniture from the cold weather.

When it comes to cast iron, you can prevent corrosion by applying a new coat of paint before the winter sets in. As for plastic furniture, you’re best storing this indoors when not in use.

Heavy-duty synthetic materials should be able to withstand the winter chill with no issues at all – consider upgrading to a more premium fabric to ensure that your furniture lasts.

Add exterior lighting

The evenings get darker sooner in the winter, so outdoor lighting is essential if you still want to talk to one another.

Solar lights are one of the most energy-efficient ways to light up your garden – these lights come in all shapes and forms. Fairy lights can help to create a Christmassy feel and could be great for this time of year. You could also try hanging up Victorian-style lanterns for a retro feature.

Solar lights don’t tend to be too bright – if you’re looking for something more intense, you may want to consider a battery-operated lamp or one plugged into the mains. Motion-sensing floodlights will turn off automatically when no one is outside.

On top of providing excellent light, these motion-sensing lights can offer superb security, fending off burglars by making it harder for them to break in undetected.

Try growing winter vegetables.

How To Still Enjoy Your Garden In Winter

Many people think that spring is the only time to get into organic farming, but there are, in fact, several vegetables that can be grown over the winter.

Spring onions and spinach can be planted in the fall and harvested before spring arrives, making them ideal winter vegetables for those who want quick results.

For those a little more patient, now could be an excellent time to plant onions and garlic – these vegetables can be sewn in the autumn and should be ready to harvest by summer. You can also grow broad beans and peas over the winter – by planting them now; they should be ready by spring.

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Make sure to sew now before the frosts start setting in. You may want to build a shelter over your produce to keep it warm. Alternatively, you could grow your plants here to protect them from the elements if you have a greenhouse.

Attract winter wildlife

Winter could be a great time for spotting local wildlife. While many mammals hibernate the inter, birds such as robins and chaffinches are more common sights during these months. You can lure these birds into your garden by adding some bird feeders.

This could be a bird feeder on a stand or a bird feeder hanging from a tree. You usually shouldn’t have a problem with squirrels stealing this food during these months, but to be safe, you could fit a squirrel baffle into your bird feeder.

How To Still Enjoy Your Garden In Winter

Get into the Christmas spirit.

Festive decorations don’t have to stay indoors – you could also consider ways of decorating your gardens, such as adding light-up reindeer or hanging wreaths from doors and fences. You can even buy outdoor baubles to hang from plants.

On top of decorating, you could host a festive winter outdoor party. Consider embracing old classics such as mulled wine and roast chestnuts.

It could even be a chance to get out the barbecue in winter – it’s possible to grill chestnuts on the barbecue and cook other hearty winter classics such as leg of lamb and salmon. Here are a few ideas of winter foods you can cook on the barbecue.

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