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Do you get lethargic and depressed in winter? The nights seem longer than the days, and Christmas is getting closer, so we can’t afford anything good for ourselves.

Treats can seem pricey when we’re sad or overwhelmed. This isn’t necessary.

Dreading The Lightless Days? Simple (And Cheap) Ways To Treat Yourself So You Feel A Little Better This Winter

A Little Trinket

Feeling better about ourselves sometimes entails purchasing something that will make us look a little better, and when we look good, we feel good.

A little piece of jewellery, from a ring to silver Daith jewellery earrings can add that little sparkle to life, so every time we pass ourselves in the mirror, it adds that spring in our step.

Good Company

Good friends cost nothing, and while staying in is the new going out (and has been for approximately 20 years), when we haven’t got much money, we can feel that being barricaded at home with the same four walls is very stifling.

You can either have friends over, or you can go over to your friends’ homes and have dinner parties. How very formal! But if you don’t want it to be so highfalutin, get a pizza, a bottle of wine, and vent away the difficult week you’ve had! Besides, if you’re really missing out on what’s going on in the pubs and clubs, just check social media every 20 minutes, and you’ve got a handle of what’s going on!

Having people over is great, especially now that everything is so pricey and we can only socialize once every two months. It’s simple, but do you remember your best days with pals in a dark, noisy club?

Of course not! It’s the special occasions and times when you had a good chat with your closest friends and put the world to rights.

Dreading The Lightless Days? Simple (And Cheap) Ways To Treat Yourself So You Feel A Little Better This Winter

What Do You Want To Do?

We’ve all got our own perception of what a treatment entails. You can very easily go on a coupon site and find a cheap voucher for a spa day, or a meal that you can share with a friend. And when we struggle to keep on top of our finances, and all we think about is making it to the next paycheck, this is very stressful.

Treating ourselves breaks the routine. This will improve our mood. If you’re constantly worrying about money, there are many free activities to do, but it needs to be something you enjoy. Even when you save money, you might spend it quickly, especially with Christmas coming up. So make time to treat yourself and feel better.

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