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Cats are sneaky, and they’ll always try to get more food out of you if they can. That’s just normal cat behavior, and you don’t need to worry too much about it. But what if your cat is constantly begging for food, and they seem distressed?

If they are always going crazy for food, there might be something going on, and you need to make changes to their diet or lifestyle to stop them from getting so hungry all of the time as I’m always running out of cat food. Here are some reasons why your cat won’t stop begging for food. 

Why Is Your Cat Always Begging For Food?
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Lack of Nutrients

Cats need a balanced diet just like people do. They can’t live on snacks and treats without other food groups because it won’t provide them with the necessary vitamins and minerals to survive.

If you are feeding your cat mainly wet food, try giving them dry kibble every day as well. Take a look at the kind of food you are feeding them too. You need good quality cat food that provides all of the nutrition that they need.

If they are getting older, switching them onto senior food is essential to ensure that their diet contains all of the right stuff. If you experiment with some different food, you may find one that fills them up more. You can also get specialist appetite-suppressing foods if the problem gets out of control. Just speak to your vet before making significant changes to your diet. 

Attention Seeking

Does your cat act like they are starving every time you turn around? It might be because it gets their attention. Cats are smart and learn very quickly that acting hungry will get them more attention from their owners. This is terrible news for you if you have a particularly anxious cat who wants to be stroked or talked to all of the time.

You need to make an effort to engage them a bit more so they don’t get bored and start calling out for attention. You can also try removing their food bowl when they are not eating.

Why Is Your Cat Always Begging For Food?

This removes the option of begging for food, but they will still try to get your attention in other ways if you don’t keep them entertained. 

Psychogenic Abnormal Feeding Behaviour

Psychogenic, abnormal feeding behaviour is a recognised condition that affects some cats. It is a stress-related eating disorder. The cat eats for comfort to cope with the stress they are feeling Stressful situations like moving house, going to the doctor, or even being around other pets frequently cause it.ets.

silver tabby cat in white ceramic bowl

If your cat starts acting hungry all of the time and their behavior changes, it might signify that they are suffering from this condition. It would help if you took them to the vet to have a check-up and get whatever help is necessary to deal with it. 

Sometimes, cats are just a bit greedy, and that’s not out of the ordinary. But if they are constantly begging for food, it’s probably caused by one of these things. 

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