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If you’re a full-time pet mama or papa, then leaving your dog alone for several days on end (or instead, in the care of someone else) can feel like a tough decision to make. Many people would be compelled to travel with their dogs rather. However, is it a good idea before you decide to do so? Here are a few questions you should ask before deciding whether or not to bring your four-legged friend with you.

Should You Bring Your Dog On Vacation?

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Are you staying in dog-friendly accommodation?

Though it narrows your choices of places to stay down to some degree, it is good news for dog owners that many hotels, BNBs, and other accommodation options are becoming more dog-friendly. If you’re staying in a place that doesn’t cater to dogs, you should reconsider. You definitely should not try and bring your pup to any accommodation that specifically does not allow pets.

Does the destination suit them?

Should You Bring Your Dog On Vacation?

It’s not just the accommodation you should be thinking about; you should also wonder whether or not the destination itself is going to be very dog-friendly. For instance, a big bustling metropolis full of people might not be the best place for them to go, nor anywhere that the hiking trails and other paths can be too treacherous to keep control of them.

Can they make the trip okay?

Some dogs can handle car rides, planes, and even boats without too much trouble. However, you need to know whether your dog is likely to get nervous or anxious, or even sick during the trip. There are things you can do to make them more comfortable when you’re traveling, but for some dogs, it might not be a good idea in the first place to plan any exceptionally long trips.

Can you keep them under control?

Even if your dog can make the journey without too much issue, how will they behave in a new environment? It’s always recommended you bring some toilet mats if they’re staying with you, even in pet-friendly accommodation, as lots of new dogs get pretty casual about where they go potty in environments they’re not used to. Similarly, a dog harness is recommended for walks outside. New environments, new smells, new sounds, and new dogs can all be pretty overstimulating, so you want to make sure you keep them under control.

Should You Bring Your Dog On Vacation?

Is staying behind really all that bad?

What are the options if you don’t take your pup with you? Do you have something they love and trust that is willing to care for them? What about your local doggy daycare if you can’t find anyone able or willing? Explore your options fully so that you don’t take your dog along out of misplaced guilt when they could get along just fine with being left behind.

It’s certainly more than possible for a dog owner and dog to enjoy a vacation together. However, not every dog is going to be suited to every trip.

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