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It’s not hard to raise the perfect pup, because it all starts with you. It’s so easy to blame the uncontrollable dog, on the dog. But in fact, when you look at the owner, you soon begin to realize that it might not actually be the pup that is at fault at all. Just like with children, we do think that puppies are as bad as the owners that raise them. So, if you want to raise the perfect pup, it’s time to take a little look in the mirror.

puppy malta - Raising The Perfect Pup

You have to be completely involved with the puppy you’re raising, and the bond you build within the few first months should make things so much easier. But if you know you’re having trouble raising the perfect pup at the minute, then you’re about to read the perfect article for you. We know it can be hard, but with a few simple tips, you could breeze through it all!

Raising The Perfect Pup

Keeping Them Happy And Healthy

If you want to keep your dog happy and healthy, you’re going to have a job. Because just like humans, they have so many little problems that need tending to over the years. Some are breed-specific, some are more generalized.

For example, did you know that puppies, in particular, can get the cold and flu from time to time?! It might not be as bad as human form, but their cute little sneezes can indicate a bit of illness going on.

But luckily for you, you can get plenty of dog supplies from the internet to treat a range of different illnesses. From a simple skin rash, to muscle and joint pain that’s clearly putting your little pup in harm. But just like little babies, puppies seem to bounce back from the problems that have so quickly. Before you know it they’re up and about being their normal selves again!

Breaking Bad Habits

Raising The Perfect Pup

Puppies are going to have bad habits. You’re never going to come across one that’s going to obey you instantly and will know just how to behave in every situation. In fact, they’re probably going to drive you absolutely nuts over the first year or two.

After that, you might notice that they calm down a little bit, but it still won’t help the fact that they’re so unruly to begin with. Our advice would be to take them to doggy training classes as soon as you possibly can to let the experts break the bad habits! They might be a little costly, but at least they’re going to get your puppy how you need them to be early on!

Making Sure They Love Everyone

Raising The Perfect Pup

It’s so important that you try and get your puppy to love everyone right from the beginning. You don’t want a dog that’s constantly trying to attack other dogs or humans out of protection over you.

One way of doing this is to ensure they have plenty of socialization from a young age. As soon as they’re allowed out on walks you should get them interacting with as many people and dogs as possible. If this doesn’t help, there are puppy classes to help with it!

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