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Your dog loves you! When they wake you up in the morning, they greet you with a tip of the paw and a slurp of the tongue. You can tell because they leap over your prized sofa when you walk through the front door.

And you know this by how they instinctively protect you from any outside dangers, whether your next-door neighbour’s cat or the mailman! In short, your dog is your best friend!

How To Tell Your Dog "I Love You"

But what about you? How can you show your dog that you love them? How can you gain the respect of a dog’s best friend? Easy, follow the tips we have for you in this article.

Talk to your dog

According to scientists, dogs can understand human speech. So, while the concept of actually telling your dog “I love you,” may appear farfetched, your dog may have some understanding of what you are saying.

Of course, it’s also how you speak to your dog, using an affectionate tone of voice and welcoming body language that will also show your love.

How To Tell Your Dog "I Love You"

Use body contact

Dogs love to be hugged; it’s a fact. They also love to be tickled behind the ears, have their bellies rubbed, and have their backs gently scratched.

While you may not want your dog getting into bed with you or sitting beside you on the sofa, the least you can do is get down to their level and let them enjoy some affectionate touching.

Care for your dog

Actions speak louder than words sometimes, and what you do for your dog shows your love. It would help if you cared for all of their needs, both physically and emotionally. If their hair is matted, give them a grooming session.

If their nails are overgrown, use the best dog nail grinder to solve the problem. If your dog appears down in the dumps, hug them to show them you care.

And book those visits to the vet, as you must ensure your dog’s health needs are met, no matter the expense.

How To Tell Your Dog "I Love You"

Treat your dog

And when we say treat, we are referring to the edible kind. Dogs love to eat, and there is no better way of showing your dog your love than by feeding them something a little extra as a reward. But don’t go overboard.

Some foods are dangerous for dogs, and you should never give your dog too many treats as this can lead to obesity.

Sometimes, tough love is required! But give your dog the quota of treats your vet recommends, and use them as a training tool and a special reward when you’re otherwise engaged in eating treats of your own.

How To Tell Your Dog "I Love You"

Play with your dog

Finally, do the other thing that most dogs love to do (aside from eating): play. Not only will they have fun, but you may also get a kick out of it.

You might also boost your exercise levels, especially when you play games such as fetch with your dog (you may sometimes have to be the fetcher yourself). Check out this helpful guide on playing with dogs, and then pencil in some time to add the fun factor to your dog’s life.

We all need a little love in our lives, and our dogs are the same. Follow our tips, and show your dog just how much you care for them today.

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