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There’s something alluring about fashion that outlines our outlines. It’s sexy in a way because it complements our figure without obscuring it or falsifying the way we look.

It’s why slim fit has become more popular than skinny fit, as more people want to wear clothes that are more comfortable and don’t show off too much about themselves.

So the question becomes, can sleek lines become fashionable in other areas?

Clean Sleek Lines Fashionable
Ashley Benson

It’s already been done in the world of jeans, where else can this philosophy in style go? It’s going to go where it usually does, and that’s straight toward the metropolitan scene.

When you think of sleek and clean lines in fashion, you think of snugly clothes. When you think of clothes that fit snugly, you think of the city and the futuristic aspect of clothes that become a part of your body. What are your options in this sense?

Just like Rachel

One of the best futuristic films ever created is, of course, Blade Runner. In it, there’s a character called Rachel who wears a top that is slim fit and in the classic ‘V’ shape.

There’s a denim blazer in The Fifth Collection that is in the same style as hers but only in a different style. Instead of dark grey or black, it’s ocean blue.

The sleek silhouette has a v-shaped neckline, a hook clasp in the middle and two slip pockets on either side. The materials share is 65% rayon and 35% nylon for comfort and durability. It hugs the body around from back to front, but doesn’t pinch inward remaining subtle but seductive.

Autumn’s clean curves Since we are in this season of cooler days and longer nights, autumn ankle boots that slim around the foot with their clean curves should be pretty enticing.

In a dull wine colour, these boots are designed to be noticed. The ankle boot is always an excellent choice for those that don’t want to wear knee-high boots, as the shape of the heel, the curve of the sole and the materials used are quite similar.

Yet ankle boots are for those who want to show off a bit of skin near the bottom of the leg. Nubuck’s design is also quite sleek, making the shape of the boot more petite and fitting around the toe cap.

The heel isn’t blocky nor is it slender, which again makes for a sexy style that isn’t corporate or pedestrian. The zip on the side adds even more flair to the style.

Clean Sleek Lines Fashionable

Short sleeve style

For tops, you could go with multiple options but if you would rather not go with long sleeves, go with the short sleeve bodysuit. Fitting around the whole body like a glove, yet still not tight or skinny, a bodysuit can be worn with anything.

Yet it still feels like a sleek top that hugs the hips, chest, shoulders and upper arm. Clean sleek lines have always been sexy.

They outline your shape without giving too much away and they seem neater from the onset. There are lots of ways you can wear such style fashionably, it all depends on your shape and fit.

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