Some of us love routine in our lives. Others of us prefer to live our lives day by day, making routines and schedules as we go and according to what is most convenient at the time.

But what’s best for our canine companions? Should we be pushing them into the constraints of human timekeeping or should we let them get on with things at their own pace?

Here are a few areas to consider when thinking about this!

Getting Your Dog Into a Good Routine


Put simply, dogs should be walked once a day. Of course, the length of their walk may vary drastically depending on their breed and health condition.

Try not to assume how much exercise your dog should get – conduct a little research or ask your vet to be certain. A dog being small doesn’t necessarily mean that they need minimal exercise, while a dog being large doesn’t necessarily mean that they will want to complete a multiple mile hike on a daily basis.

Try to walk them at the same time each day and to stick to it. This will give them something to look forward to. They may also prefer to wait until their walk to do their business, so having a set time can help them to manage this.


Getting Your Dog Into a Good Routine

Dogs sleep a lot – a lot more than most people. Generally speaking, a dog will sleep for between twelve and fourteen hours every single day. While this may seem like a long time, dogs tend to spread their sleep out more evenly through the day.

Rather than heading to bed and sleeping for one long stretch like people tend to, they have a large sleep at night and then sporadic naps throughout the day. So, don’t try to wake them if you feel they are sleeping at the “wrong” time – there really isn’t any such thing.

Simply provide them with warm and comfortable bedding and make sure that they are free to lie down and catch some z’s whenever they feel the need! If you want to encourage your dog to go to bed at the same time that you do, consider Bedtime 4 Dogs

Getting Your Dog Into a Good Routine


The amount of times that your dog eats per day will change according to their age. Puppies tend to require small meals regularly throughout the day, while many adult dogs will be content with one large meal per day.

However, when you feed your dog, it’s generally best to stick to some sort of routine. This can help to ensure that there aren’t periods of time where your dog is hungry and waiting discontentedly.

You can’t feed your dog in the morning one day and in the evening the next, as this leaves a long time between meals. Be regular!

Getting Your Dog Into a Good Routine

As you can see, there are certain areas of your pooch’s life that you should try to put into a routine for their benefit! So, carry out a little trial and error to determine what best suits their needs and preferences!

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