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If “the capacity to learn and retain knowledge and the capacity to use it to solve various problems is the correct description for the word “intelligence,” then the cat is certainly the smartest animal from all the people around us.

Try putting an adult cat in a room she was never before and see how every corner of the room she inspects. This comprehensive search offers important environmental knowledge, the knowledge that in some cases can even save your life. In fact, they never suffered from the curiosity common to cats, but it gave her the réputation that they had nine lives! We are all aware that the ability of cats to test the environment is legendary, but it has proved to be superior to any other domestic animal.

Cat's Are Smart! smarter than you know...

The cats’ analytical capacity to use knowledge is proven by their ability to move through other circumstances safely. Cats are able to develop “learning strategies,” a capability that only primates can have.

Cat's Are Smart! smarter than you know...

Cats, much like humans, learn from observation, imitation, attempts and of course errors. The tales of cats who open draws or panels are numerous, but cats can also switch on the lamps or use the toilet. This is only possible because the cats who know how to do such things, their owners, are closely watched. Considering the fact that the cat is the most intelligent domestic animal, it is very important that the owner knows very clearly the limits of her cognitive processes, because conferring the pet human motives can cause damage and behavioral problems.

Cat's Are Smart! smarter than you know...

For example, a cat cannot reflect upon the past or think in perspective, so punishing her for something she has done only minutes earlier is useless, because the cat is not capable of connection the punishment with her actions. The same way, cants can’t claim revenge for a past punishment.

In conclusion, don’t underestimate the intelligence of your cat! Try and know better your pet and act in such a manner that living together can be a benefic experience for both of you.

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