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If you are tempted to welcome the patter of tiny paws into your home, then you might be researching breeds as you read this post.

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, as well as all sorts of temperaments, appetites, attitudes, and cuteness.

3 Simple Ways To Make It Through Puppyhood

You need to consider the sort of four-legged companion that you want to fit into your family. A miniature schnauzer could be for you if you want a lively yet obedient hypoallergenic breed.

If you aren’t too active, and you fancy a more chilled existence, a Great Dane could be ideal. It doesn’t matter what breed you end up going for, your puppy will challenge you, make you laugh, and have you fretting. But, they are a joy! Take a look at how you can make it through puppyhood.


Puppies have a habit of getting into all sorts of scrapes. They may find their way into a kitchen cupboard to devour a loaf of bread. Or they might get a stone stuck in their nose after burrowing in the garden. Or they might have licked something dodgy on their walk, resulting in a poorly tummy.

3 Simple Ways To Make It Through Puppyhood

As such, you need to ensure that you have decent pet insurance. This means that when you head to the vets, any treatment that your canine needs will be covered.

Every puppy will need a vet visit at some point; hopefully, it won’t even be for anything too serious. But it’s always wise to be insured and covered should the worst happen.

Take Some Time Off

When you first get your puppy, you will soon realise they are similar to newborn babies. They need feeding, watching at all times, playing with and they will need help to settle into their new surroundings.

Remember, your little pup will have left their siblings and mum to be thrown into a new environment. They need you to be their constant.

man in white t-shirt sitting beside white and black short coated dog

Take a couple of weeks off work and expect your new pooch to stick to you like a limpet. They need to feel comfortable so play with them, take them for walks after they have had their vaccinations, and be with them.

Begin to crate train and help them to see their crate as their den. Having this safe space will help them to settle more quickly.


Begin training your puppy as soon as possible. You can go for as many walks as you want and play for as long as you want indoors, but physical exercise is no substitute for mental puzzles.

Training your mutt to lie down for five minutes exerts your dog to the same extent of them walking for half an hour.

3 Simple Ways To Make It Through Puppyhood

Hide treats, play find the toy and develop a bond with your four-legged friend. Training allows obedience to develop. When you give your pup positive praise, they will be eager to receive it again. Your dog really will be your best friend and constant companion.

Yes, they will nip initially but once the teething is over, you will enjoy a strong relationship with your pooch.

Puppyhood is a challenging time for even the most experienced of dog owners. Follow this guide and you will nurture a friendly, kind and loyal dog.

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