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Are you feeling bored and uninspired in your dull 9–5 job? So many people feel trapped and suppressed, conforming to the expectations of having a ’normal,’ safe, everyday job.

But today, it’s becoming easier to break free from this societal boundary and do exactly what you love – and get paid for it.

If you’re restless and want a change, plenty of options are available to grab to change your life.

Breaking Free From That 9-5


What’s stopping you if you have a passion and a talent and you find yourself daydreaming about “if only” you could do that full time?

With effort comes rewards. If you put all of your time and focus into turning your passion into your job, it will pay off both financially and in your emotional well-being.

You could be into taking photographs, writing, making things, or helping people – the endless possibilities. It may not be easy to begin with, and this takes a lot of dedication, but if you have a skill – somebody will pay for it.

Becoming a freelancer could be the perfect option to improve your quality of life.

Breaking Free From That 9-5


It is sometimes hard to believe that you could make a living by sharing your thoughts with like-minded individuals.

But this is the reality! Establishing a great blog with interesting and quirky content can, over time earn you enough to ditch the dreaded 9-5. There are blogs about fashion, health, business, agriculture – you name it.

If you have a natural flair for writing and something compelling to share, what can you lose by giving it a go? Setting yourself up is quick and easy, too – there is an array of websites to choose from to host your blog and loads of helpful tips for successful blogging online.


Many of you have probably been toying with the idea of packing in that day job to go travelling. You live on an enormous planet, with endless incredible sights and experiences just waiting to be seen. So why are you sat at a desk, hating your job instead?

Granted, we need money to travel, and you may be wondering how you could afford it. Initially, you may need to save up before going, or you may opt for a faster way, getting a credit card, for example (be sensible here!

If you do, shop for one with reasonable interest rates and a credit card bonus.

Breaking Free From That 9-5

But once you are on your way around the world, experiencing true freedom, it will all become worth it. You can also earn money while travelling by blogging, as mentioned above. A way in which you can encourage like-minded people to take a year out of their forty-plus working years for themselves.

In short, you should never feel like you have to work hours you don’t want to at a job that doesn’t make you happy. What matters most to your happiness and getting the most out of life? Freedom is the best thing there is.

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