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High fashion often breaks rules and goes against what people expect. From avant-garde designs to surreal runway shows, the fashion world is always looking for new ways to express creativity and individuality. But the Tablecloth Dress went viral!

The Internet is buzzing about a model's tablecloth dress

From Coperni’s spray-on dress to Balenciaga’s dirt-covered runway, there have been a few recent examples of how fashion can be stranger than fiction. (di)vision’s recent stunt at a fashion show is the most recent one on that list.

The Internet is buzzing about a model's tablecloth dress

The fashion label made the model’s dress look like a tablecloth, but she took it and everything on it while she was eating. It got a lot of attention not only at the Autumn/Winter 2023 Copenhagen Fashion Week, but also on social media.

In the clip, the model is sitting at a table and clinking her glass with a spoon to get the audience’s attention. She gets up and strikes a pose. As soon as the crowd cheers, she walks quickly down the ramp.

The long tail of the dress, also used as a tablecloth, is pulled quickly along, making a loud crash as the silverware on it falls. Even though the sound is loud, she keeps walking as the crowd cheers her on.

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