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Have you ever looked at our closet and thought…. hmmm… Are you ready to add a little spice to your wardrobe? If so, it’s time to lift yourself and climb aboard the latest trend in hosiery: colored tights. That’s right.

Colored fashion tights have replaced stockings and pantyhose as the legwear of choice for fashionistas who want to pick up the pace and add some drama to their outfits. The options are endless, so you can rest assured that you can find fashion tights that you love. I love my socks for most of you who know me; I am more of a tights person than jeans, but let’s look at a few ideas…

Fabrications for Every OccasionTights come in a wide variety of dreams. Merino wool tights, for example, are perfect for keeping your legs warm on a chilly winter’s day. Pair your wool tights with a short wool dress and a thin belt for a fashion statement that’s both stylish and comfortable. Cotton tights have a variety of textures, depending on the manufacturing process.

They can feel like velvet and go from work to evening with ease or can be luxuriously thick to keep your legs protected from icy blasts of wind. Tights made from a blend of denier and lycra have the incredible smoothness of microfiber with the perfect measure of opacity that makes them an excellent choice for work or a night on the town.

Colors for Every MoodWhen it comes to colored tights, your choices are limited only by your imagination. From classic black to classy off-white, from chocolate brown to grape purple, from mustard yellow to slate grey, tights come in dozens of colors. The trend this season is to buy socks in virtually every color available and use them as a wardrobe accessory. Want to kick that little black dress up a notch? Pair it with red tights and a skinny red belt and watch heads turn.

If you’re not ready for startling contrasts, go with the tone-on-tone look and pair moss green tights with a mask green skirt and sweater. Or choose complementary colors for a put-together look. If you’re on the shorter side and want to appear taller, choose lighter-colored tights; if you’re going to lengthen your torso, opt for darker-colored socks. Whichever way you go, your choices are endless.

This season, kick Around Some PatternsThis season, the fashion story isn’t only about color but also about the pattern. Make a funky statement with polka dot tights, red gingham tights, or give your legs a splash of color with a sumptuous pink and blue floral design. Primark and New Look are excellent places to grab some. Want a slightly more subdued look that still makes a statement? Go for tartan or argyle patterned tights.

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Of course, there are occasions when you might prefer holdups, thigh highs, a beautiful silk stocking, or even a body stocking, but for the sheer fun of it, you should treat yourself to colored tights. There you have it, drop me a message and let me know what you prefer! Also looking for something new!

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