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Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought how fed up you are with your hair, your clothes, and your makeup? Have you wondered how to go about changing your look totally? Do you want to feel revitalized by the change you? If you are saying yes to these things then read the suggestions below.

Is There Someone You Want To Imitate?

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Do you have any idea if you want your new look to remind you of someone else? Would you like to look classy and feminine like Audrey Hepburn, or after you more after the smoking hot look of Marilyn Monroe? Kat Von D? Maybe a bit more Courtney Love?

Perhaps you want to be totally unique and create a look all of your very own. Whichever you are planning there will be a few changes to make, and the first one should be to buy new makeup. A different colour of eyeshadow and lipstick will immediately change your appearance; although that is not enough to give you a totally new look, it is a good start.

New Hairstyle

Change The Way You Wear Things

Changing your hairstyle and maybe the colour is an obvious thing to do when you want to reinvent yourself. It does not have to be very drastic though.

Just parting your hair in a different place, wearing it lose instead of tied back all the time, or vice versa and having a ponytail in your hair can make a big difference to your appearance.

Get Some Extra Sleep

Effective Ways to Totally Reinvent Your Look

Sleep does wonders for our body and our minds. Get a few extra hours and you will not only feel revitalized, but your skin will not look dull and tired, and the puffiness around your eyes will disappear.

Not everyone believes that having enough sleep affects how you look, so try getting a full 8 hours for a few nights and then looking in the mirror.

Hide or Remove The Tattoos

Tattoos are a permanent feature of you unless of course, you consider hiding them or looking at a tattoo removal procedure. Your shoulders, arms or wherever else they are could look so different; people will be wondering how you have achieved such a change.

Tattoos just become part of you, and once they have gone, people will know there is something different but will be hard-pressed to realise what it is.

Change The Way You Wear Things

Effective Ways to Totally Reinvent Your Look

You do not have to go out and spend a fortune on new fashion; you can change how you wear the ones you have. Of course, a couple of new accessories would help.

Some belts and scarves are a cheap way of adding interest to an outfit, as they are so flexible in their uses.

Change The Way You Wear Things
Change The Way You Wear Things

Instead of wearing a short loose, put a belt around it or use a scarf as a belt. Wear something around your wrist or have a scarf tied loosely around your neck. Things like this produce a relaxed and comfortable look that will wow your friends and relatives when they see the new you.

Reinventing your looks should be something you do just for you; it does not matter what anyone else does. Thinks.

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