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As a woman, and indeed, anyone will strive for in life, we all want to look good naturally and be able to walk around confidently even when we have no makeup on.

If you have been feeling a little in a slump with your skin recently or you have simply dropped the ball with your routine, today we have the ideal routine for you to make your skin radiant once again.

A mask

A Skincare Routine For Everyone

The first thing you can do if you want to know how to get radiant skin this week is using a face mask to pull away all of the impurities from your skin and leave it feeling radiant and glowing.

A face mask is something that we can add to our routine every week and it can be the ideal way to rid your skin of excess makeup and oils which have built up over the last few days.

Find a mask that suits your skin type and always be sure to patch test it on your hand before you apply it to your face.

Cleansing strips

Cleansing strips are small strips that can be applied to the nose, forehead, and chin and are used to pull out oil and blackheads from the pores.

You can do this every 2-3 weeks on your skin, and you should always apply it to clean and warm skin. Warm water will open up your pores, and once you apply a strip, you can leave it to dry for 20 minutes.

Pull it off fast like a bandaid and you’ll notice all of the blackhead, dead skin, and debris which has come out of your face. It will never fail to make your skin feel amazing afterwards and it is the ideal follow-up to a face mask.

Cleansing oil

Cleansing oil is something that is more helpful than you know, and if you are always using a result cleanser or an alcohol-based cleanser to take off your makeup, this is a huge improvement. Cleansing oil literally picks up all of the foundation and other makeup you have been wearing and melts it.

As you rub the oil into your skin, your makeup will disappear, and once you rinse your face under some warm water, you’ll see a totally clean face staring back at you. It’s a gentle option and much better for the skin, so it’s worth trying one out.


A Skincare Routine For Everyone

Exfoliation is the act of rubbing something rough against the skin in order to get rid of dead skin and blackheads before they take over the skin.

A lot of people think you can only exfoliate once a week, but in fact you can do it every other day as longg as you are gentle, and this will help your skin massively. The best exfoliators are those which use natural ingredients such as St Ives Scrubs and they are ideal for use every couple of days on even the most sensitive skin.


Once you have used a cleansing oil and exfoliated in the shower you will also want to use a gentle facial cleanser to wash and rinse the face and ensure that it is totally clean.

A simple cleanser can be the best choice for you if you have sensitive skin and there are types to suit everyone. It would help if you washed your face twice a day, so make sure you wash it in the morning before applying makeup and then after taking it off.


Toner is a step that a lot of us miss when it comes to skincare, but it is a crucial step to keep the skin glowing and radiant. When we have a toner that is good for our skin, it will help to tighten the pores to avoid infection, and it will also balance the pH of the skin too, keeping it healthy.

It is a crucial step that should be done morning and night after cleansing and moisturizing.


Moisturising the skin is super important if you want to maintain a youthful flow and ensure that your skin is always glowing and looking its best.

Remember that even if you have oily skin you still need to moisturize every day and you should always take the time to find a moisturizer that is for your skin type because there are different ingredients in each different one.

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