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Everyone on the planet will experience a headache at some point in their lives. Several things can cause them, but one thing’s for sure: they eventually go away.

Some people tend to experience headaches more than others, and they usually last longer with each “episode” as well.

3+ Ways To Make Headaches Go Away For Longer

If that’s something that happens to you, the news isn’t all bad. That’s because there are some practical steps you can take to make your headaches go away for longer! Intrigued? Keep reading to find out 3+ ways that you can try today to improve your health.

1. Get scalp massages

Believe it or not, having someone massage your scalp for a while can help headaches go away for longer! You can also get a person to massage around your neck and the temples of your head.

If there’s no one around you to do that for you, the good news is that you can massage your scalp yourself. Sometimes, your headaches can be caused by tension, typically an indicator of stress.

2. Have cryotherapy chamber sessions

3+ Ways To Make Headaches Go Away For Longer

Did you know that cryotherapy chamber sessions can help eliminate headaches and make them go away for longer? Don’t worry; you aren’t made to freeze! You relax in a chamber where cryogenically cooled air briefly envelopes your body for a maximum of three minutes.

Cryotherapy has been scientifically proven to help relieve pain and treat various medical conditions. Experts recommend two to three sessions per week for people with chronic illnesses.

3. Drink plenty of water

3+ Ways To Make Headaches Go Away For Longer

When you experience a headache, your body tells you something is wrong. The most common reason for experiencing headaches is due to a lack of fluid intake each day. That’s why you must consume several glasses of water a day.

Not only does it help to prevent headaches, but it also means you won’t feel dehydrated. Medical opinion varies on how much water you should drink each day. But the consensus is around eight glasses per day.

4. Take regular breaks from computer screens

Most of us have to use a computer for work daily. Some of us even do so in our leisure time. It doesn’t matter whether you use a desktop or laptop-based computer. What does matter is you give yourself regular breaks away from your computer.

It’s important to keep screen time to a minimum, as too much can cause tension headaches. Many experts recommend a five to ten-minute break for every hour of computer usage.

3+ Ways To Make Headaches Go Away For Longer

5. Get your vision checked by an optician

Last but not least, you should get your eyes tested by an optician at least once a year. Some people don’t know that they might have visual impairments that need correction with glasses or contact lenses.

Why is that relevant to this topic, you might be wondering? Well, the answer is simple: poor vision can cause headaches!

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