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It is easy enough to follow the many fashion trends that we see in front of us but there are parts of our instincts that tell us we should dress in something more alternative to what we are used to or even to what the people around us think is “unsuitable” for us. These days in the world of gender neutrality and transgenderism, it’s easier than ever to swap sex. As a woman, you can easily dress more masculinely, and you should, but only when you understand the right fashion advice. Let’s show you some styling tips that can point you in the right direction. 

A New You: 5 Tips to Dressing Masculinely

Starting With the Simple Things

We can all depart into a new world by starting simply. For example, you may not want to completely overhaul your wardrobe at the outset, instead, you may benefit from investing in jewelry like a Cuban link chain or sovereign rings, and once you start to figure out the things that feel right with you, you can expand upon this. 

A New You: 5 Tips to Dressing Masculinely

Wearing Looser Clothes

It’s important if you want to dress more masculine as a woman, you should not put on clothes that are too small for your frame as this will highlight features and curves. Wearing clothes that are a bit larger can create a more gender-neutral look. You need to avoid clothes that are too tight around the midsection, and you could start with baggy pants. Baggy pants are non-specific and can instantly elevate your masculine look. 

A New You: 5 Tips to Dressing Masculinely

Understanding Menswear Sizing

If you are taking a step into this world, you have to do away with the traditional women’s measurements. Menswear sizing is usually in inches and when you are venturing into the menswear department you should get into the mindset of measuring yourself with tape so you can choose the right clothes that fit you appropriately based on what you wish to show off to the world. 

Opting for Formal Attire

A New You: 5 Tips to Dressing Masculinely

The great thing about male clothing is that there is a lot more formal attire available. In many ways, it’s simple, you can opt for work clothes like jackets and when you are choosing formal suits, you can tailor them or get them drawn in. You may need specific alterations to minimize or accentuate different parts of your body. A great tailor can make a big difference, especially if you are trying to hide any aspect of your femininity, such as your hips. 

Neutral Colors 

You can go with whatever feels right but if you are trying out masculinity for size, you may want to opt for neutral colors as this can exude a classy look. Neutral colors are also great for making clothing more versatile. When you pick a few staples that are neutral-coloured, they can be mixed and matched with outfits that speak to you.
In addition to this, you can find that going in a new direction can come with its fair share of naysayers. It’s critical to find emotional support including your friends or support groups online.

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