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You season 3’s twist ending explained

You season 3's twist ending explainedYou season 3's twist ending explained

Significant Season 3 spoilers will be in the following paragraphs, including the conclusion.

That’s all there is to it. Having fled to Paris, Joe Goldberg is ready to search the globe for his next victim, “you,” now free of his self-imposed family obligations.

You season 3's twist ending explained

Much of the third season was devoted to Joe and his new wife, Love, as they tried to put their violent pasts behind them to live in a peaceful suburban house with a white picket fence and a beautiful garden.

Their relationship, built on the shakiest of foundations, was doomed. Their “spark” was bound up in violence, and they had no trust in each other to begin with. Of course, we’ve always noted how dangerous the show is…

In season 3 of your television series, Joe Goldberg is played by Penn Badgley, and Victoria Pedretti plays Love.

By the second half of season three, it was clear that Joe couldn’t control his need to obsess over and stalk some poor, innocent woman, even though he was married and had a child. As a result of Love’s errands regarding their next-door neighbour Natalie, Marienne had now come to the attention of her subordinate Love.

You season 3's twist ending explained

Knowing Joe and Love were headed for a breakup, she was seduced by his charm(?) and eventually agreed to run away with him to start a new life with her daughter and Henry, Joe’s son.

A blood-soaked T-shirt was found in Marienne’s son’s nursery, and the body of her abusive ex-husband was discovered nearby. She poisoned Joe with flowers she’d been secretly tending to in their garden, using the same trap she’d used on her first husband.

Love gimped Joe, paralyzed, and then used his phone to call Marianne and invite her over. Love’s plan to dispose of her was made clear by the meat fork she hid behind her back once her husband’s mistress arrived. However, Love’s conscience was stirred by Marienne’s sincerity, kindness, and her daughter’s appearance.

You season 3's twist ending explained

Ultimately, she let her go because she had concluded that Joe was the real problem.

The way Love saw it, she had been desperately trying to make their marriage work and keep him happy, even if it meant killing him.

Love snatched a meat cleaver off the kitchen counter and prepared to slit his throat to end the cycle once and for all. Even though Love’s poison paralyzed him, Joe remained undeterred and injected her quickly with the same syringe he’d used on him. As a result, she suffered the same fate as her ex-husband.

You season 3's twist ending explained

Joe cleaned up after the murder, even though Love’s body was still on the floor. Trinkets in the box tied Love to Natalie’s murder and a meat pie baked in the oven with some of his toes to stage his demise.

And to top it all off, in Madre Linda, from Love, he wrote an open letter admitting his involvement in the crimes and apologizing for forcing Joe to participate in them. He lit the house on fire with the gas stove as a climax. There was just enough evidence left for the authorities to come to the conclusions Joe desired, allowing him to flee once more and begin anew somewhere else. Your Netflix has boomed!

But what about Henry, the baby who has already been subjected to a great deal of trauma in his short life? Joe left his son with his coworker Dante and his partner, perhaps the only decent decision made by Joe during the show’s three-season run. The couple had been trying for a long time to have a child. They would make a great couple, no doubt.

You season 3's twist ending explained

Sherry and Cary Conrad managed to get out of the doomed glass box in the bakery’s basement before it shattered, and they were trapped inside. In the end, they didn’t have much evidence to support Joe’s events because they had only heard Love confess to killing Natalie and only seen him visit them while they were in captivity. They couldn’t do much about it even if they had because he was assumed to be pie-filling.

Theo also escaped Joe and Love’s clutches, which was a massive relief for everyone. Because he was so enamoured with his married neighbour, he mistakenly assumed that Joe was the bad guy. But Love was the one who attacked him, and Joe was the one who rushed him to the hospital, so he likely accepted the official account as well.

Remember that Joe is now in Paris, sipping on high-end espresso at upscale cafés, on the prowl for you?

You season 3's twist ending explained

That he still had Marienne on his mind wasn’t made clear, nor was it clear whether or not he’d be swayed by someone else after all (he did say he thought their paths would cross again someday, which we found threatening).

As was initially planned, assume that Marianne left Madre Linda with her daughter in tow and a new perspective on the man she had previously fallen in Love with.

Because she’d found out Joe had lied to her about his alleged separation from Love, Marianne had to admit she’d attracted yet another toxic man into her life and would probably want nothing to do with him again if they ever met.

In addition, if she followed the news or read the papers, she’d know that her former library colleague had been reduced to a pile of ashes. As a result, that’s something to consider.

It’s safe to assume that Joe will revert to his old ways in You season four, which has already been officially renewed, with murderous and disastrous results.

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