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Watch Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery if you haven’t already. The Netflix murder mystery is becoming one of the year’s most talked-about flicks (there are even whispers of an Oscar nod).

Cucumbers and 5 Unexpected Facts About the Term "Glass Onion"

Glass Onion’s cast makes it great. The sequel to Knives Out, follows a group of wealthy friends who vacation on a Greek island owned by one of them and play a murder mystery game.

However, a real-life death changes the game. It’s excellent that detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) is investigating.

Cucumbers and 5 Unexpected Facts About the Term "Glass Onion"

Glass Onion stars Craig, Kate Hudson, Kathryn Hahn, Edward Norton, Janelle Monáe, Madelyn Cline, Leslie Odom Jr., Dave Bautista, and Jessica Henwick. This film has several celebrities.

Knives Out spin-offs? Here I list the most shocking Glass Onion revelations.

1. The film’s title was taken from a Beatles song.

Johnson’s decision to name Knives Out 2 was based solely on whether or not the title fit with the film’s idea of “hiding in plain sight,” and he didn’t even require that. Johnson explained the inspiration for the film’s first part of its title to Netflix, saying,

“The idea of glass came to me, something that’s clear.” I’ll tell you the truth. And by “literally,” I mean that I pulled out my iPhone and used the “word glass” feature to look through my music library.

The Beatles’ “Glass Onion” came up top because of Johson’s impeccable musical taste. Hence, “Knives Out 2” was given birth as a title.

2. In addition to the many guest appearances by famous people,

Cucumbers and 5 Unexpected Facts About the Term "Glass Onion"

You know your home gym has made it when Serena Williams is your virtual workout partner. If you watched closely, you might have caught a glimpse of cameos from Yo-Yo Ma, Ethan Hawke, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Hugh Grant, who played Blanc’s partner in the police department, may have also caused you to pause for a second look.

3. Kate Hudson chose cucumbers over Aperol Spritzes as a set snack.

Hudson was snacking on cucumber as her co-stars sipped Aperol Spritzes beside the pool. During her appearance on This Morning, Hudson said that she had been sober for filming her orange bikini sequence.

According to Daily Mail, she remarked, “When everybody was sipping Aperol Spritz, I was waiting for that sequence to be shot.” This was about the pool scene. To which she replies, “I’ll just have that cucumber.”

One of the most memorable parts of the film is when Hudson does a catwalk by the pool, so her restraint clearly paid off. Hudson was keen to participate once they had the shot in the can.

4. Kaley Cuoco was almost cast in the role of Birdie Jay.

Thanks to HBO’s Flight attendant, Kaley Cuoco is enjoying a moment. However, that wasn’t sufficient to get her to Greece.

Cucumbers and 5 Unexpected Facts About the Term "Glass Onion"

When asked how she felt about losing the role of Birdie Jay to Hudson, Cuoco told Glamour she was “so upset” and “gutted.” I really thought [the part] was meant for me. My mind was made up, and I was ready to leave for Greece. Cuoco admitted, “And then I didn’t get it.”

The fact that she was so nearly cast in the Knives Out sequel was the most heartbreaking part. The chemical readings and Zooms were not the first tests I had taken. But I just don’t get it,” she went on. All night long, I sobbed and cried.

Cucumbers and 5 Unexpected Facts About the Term "Glass Onion"

5. Daniel Craig had to relearn his character’s dialect

The Southern drawl of Detective Blanc’s accent is one of the film’s greatest features. Nonetheless, Craig admits to working with an accent coach before filming Glass Onion because he had forgotten how to talk like Blanc and was having trouble getting back into character.

Before filming began, Craig told Empire, “I went away to work with an accent coach for three or four months.” “I couldn’t remember the accent and I didn’t want to make a parody. I aimed to make it as realistic and plausible as possible.

Cucumbers and 5 Unexpected Facts About the Term "Glass Onion"

You would never have guessed!

6. Knives Will Be Drawn 3

Knives Out now has three films. Variety says that Netflix paid a high price for the rights to make two additional Knives Out films, but they haven’t revealed the plot, cast, location, or release date.

Netflix paid $450 million for Knives Out 2 and 3. Negotiations and expenditures are heavily influenced by Johnson’s return as series director and Craig’s starring part.

Cucumbers and 5 Unexpected Facts About the Term "Glass Onion"

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery was filmed over two years, including during the COVID-19 Delta pandemic. We’re hoping to learn about the film’s casting and synopsis soon. Netflix may not release it for two years.

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