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Over its six-season run, “Schitt’s Creek” waltzed into our hearts with its dry humour, lovable characters, and down-to-earth storytelling. The Rose family, initially viewing the town as a joke, grew beyond their shallow ways, learning to lead with love and compassion. It’s no surprise that the show’s best episodes reflect these themes, making us laugh, cry, and sometimes fold in the cheese.

15 Best Schitt's Creek Episodes

Hilarious and Heartwarming: The Best of Schitt’s Creek

From Moira forgetting the sex of Roland and Jocelyn’s baby to Patrick proposing to David, “Schitt’s Creek” is full of iconic moments. Here are some episodes that feature the series’ best scenes.

15. “The Pitch” Lets Roland Step Up (Season 6, Episode 12)

15 Best Schitt's Creek Episodes

In “The Pitch,” Johnny, Stevie, and Roland head to New York to pitch their motel chain to potential investors. When Roland overhears the group mocking their business, he stands up for his friends. Surprisingly, they win over an investor, securing the funding the Rosebud Motel needs. Roland’s defense of Johnny marks a rare moment of maturity, balancing humor with heartfelt camaraderie.

14. “Open Mic” Focuses on Heartfelt Relationships (Season 4, Episode 6)

15 Best Schitt's Creek Episodes

Patrick suggests hosting an open mic night at Rose Apothecary, despite David’s initial resistance. Patrick’s serenade melts hearts, while Moira accidentally discovers the sex of Roland and Jocelyn’s baby, and Johnny rebrands the motel as the Rosebud Motel. This episode cements the Roses’ relationships with their neighbors, proving Johnny’s commitment to Stevie and their business.

13. “Grad Night” Celebrates Mothers and Daughters (Season 3, Episode 13)

15 Best Schitt's Creek Episodes

Alexis graduates high school on David’s forgotten birthday. Moira juggles commitments to attend Alexis’s graduation, while David and Patrick finally get together. This episode showcases the Roses growing closer, learning to show up for each other when it counts.

12. “Family Dinner” Tackles Cheese with Humor (Season 2, Episode 2)

15 Best Schitt's Creek Episodes

For years, fans have wondered, “How do you fold in the cheese?” Moira and David’s struggle with this culinary mystery has become an iconic moment. Moira’s attempt to master an enchilada recipe, despite it being her former cook’s, adds layers to her character, balancing humor with vulnerability.

11. “The Hike” Is Typical Schitt’s Creek Behavior (Season 5, Episode 13)

15 Best Schitt's Creek Episodes

While preparing for the Cabaret performance, Johnny ends up in the emergency room, prompting reflection from Moira, Stevie, and Roland. Meanwhile, Patrick proposes to David after a disastrous hike. Their relationship’s evolution and Johnny’s bond with his partners make this episode special.

10. “Happy Anniversary” Turns Embarrassment into Realization (Season 2, Episode 13)

15 Best Schitt's Creek Episodes

Moira and Johnny turn down Roland and Jocelyn’s dinner offer to celebrate their anniversary. They run into old friends and end up defending their new home and neighbors. A heartwarming family dance highlights this episode, which marks the Roses’ acceptance of their place in the community.

9. “Singles Week” Explores Love in Town (Season 4, Episode 12)

15 Best Schitt's Creek Episodes

Alexis confesses her love for Ted during Singles Week, and he reciprocates, rekindling their romance. Moira supports Jocelyn in labor, and David and Patrick share their first “I love you.” This episode blends romance, humor, and community spirit.

8. “Motel Review” Puts Characters in New Positions (Season 3, Episode 8)

15 Best Schitt's Creek Episodes

Moira handles customer service for the first time, and David meets Patrick. Johnny supports Alexis’s schooling. The episode sets the stage for future developments, particularly David and Patrick’s relationship and Moira’s evolving role.

7. “Wine & Roses” Gets Moira Back in the Game (Season 1, Episode 6)

Moira’s exaggerated character shines in a local wine business commercial. Her theatrical performance and mispronunciation of the owner’s name create a comedic highlight, showcasing her unique charm.

6. “Life Is a Cabaret” Champions Musical Episodes (Season 5, Episode 14)

v15 Best Schitt's Creek Episodes

The season finale sees David and Patrick’s engagement news spread, almost derailing their Cabaret production. Stevie’s standout performance as Sally Bowles and the show’s musical flair earn this episode high praise.

5. “Meet the Parents” Handles a Coming Out Story Gracefully (Season 5, Episode 11)

David meets Patrick’s parents, who are unaware of their relationship. After Johnny outs them, Patrick’s parents embrace him with love and support. The episode balances humor with the delicate nature of coming out.

4. “Start Spreading the News” Prepares for the End (Season 6, Episode 13)

The Roses face life-changing decisions. Johnny and Moira move to Los Angeles, Alexis heads to New York, and David stays with Patrick. This penultimate episode beautifully sets up the series finale, showing the characters’ growth.

3. “Milk Money” Delves into Shady Business (Season 2, Episode 8)

Johnny and Alexis accidentally buy illegal raw milk, leading to a hilarious miscommunication and ethical dilemma. This episode strengthens Johnny and Roland’s bond through a small-town scandal.

2. “Happy Ending” Brings a Perfect Goodbye (Season 6, Episode 14)

David and Patrick’s wedding is a comically chaotic yet sweet affair. Moira’s emotional officiating and the family’s farewells create a satisfying conclusion, bringing laughs and tears.

1. “Finding David” Searches for a Lost Son (Season 2, Episode 1)

His family discovers David hiding out in an Amish field after he has fled the town. The ensuing confrontation is a comedic and emotional highlight, cementing fans’ love for the Rose family.

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And remember, “You just fold it in, David.” Happy watching!

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