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Hold on to your witches’ hats, because Jenna Ortega has just cast a spell of excitement over fans eagerly awaiting Wednesday Season 2!

While we’re still left in suspense about the release date of this bewitching show on Netflix, Jenna Ortega, our beloved star, is here to tell us that it’s going to be worth the wait. Brace yourselves, my fellow witchy enthusiasts!

Jenna Ortega Shares Major Wednesday Season 2 Updates!

In a dazzling appearance at the 75th Annual Primetime Emmys, Jenna Ortega walked the Red Carpet alongside her fellow nominees. As expected, the chatter quickly turned to the highly anticipated Season 2 of Wednesday. And while she couldn’t spill all the supernatural secrets, Ortega did let us in on a juicy tidbit – Season 2 will be bigger and bolder than the first!

Prepare your cauldrons because Jenna Ortega herself has promised us an enchanting journey in the upcoming second season of Netflix’s breakout hit.

“There’s good one-liners, and I think everything’s bigger, it’s a lot more action-packed. Each episode will probably feel a little bit more like a movie, which is nice,” Ortega shared with E! Red Carpet correspondent Laverne Cox.

Jenna Ortega Shares Major Wednesday Season 2 Updates!

The idea of having episodes that feel like mini-movies is an exciting twist! It gives off some “Stranger Things” vibes, but let’s hope it doesn’t lead to a Demogorgon-sized delay in making new seasons.

We all know how that show can sometimes take forever to return, right?

Speaking of scale, seeing if these bigger episodes mean longer runtimes will be intriguing. Season 1 already pushed the boundaries with episodes around the 50-minute mark, and if this trend continues, we might need to break out the popcorn.

But it’s not just about size; it’s also about the genre. Ortega hinted, “We’re definitely leaning into a little bit more horror…” Hold on to your black cat, folks! We might be in for some spine-tingling twists and turns. Still, Ortega reassured fans that Wednesday remains true to herself. “While Wednesday does need a little bit of an arc, she never really changes, and that’s the wonderful thing about her.”

So, it seems like we’re in for a treat – a wicked mix of dramedy and dark, mysterious undertones to make Season 2 even more bewitching. Ortega also dropped the spellbinding news that we can expect a cauldron full of new one-liners! Get ready to cackle, my friends.

Jenna Ortega Shares Major Wednesday Season 2 Updates!

Now, while Jenna Ortega didn’t spill the beans on the release date, she did sprinkle some extra excitement into our cauldron. So, mark your calendars for this April when filming for the new season begins!

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So, witches and wizards, prepare for Wednesday Season 2 because it’s bound to be a supernatural sensation that’ll leave us all spellbound!

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