Time to think about the cave days with Conan, open in the savage barbarian world and survive with your friends.

Gathering rocks, building homes, and tackling the great outdoor creatures while building your kingdom and dominating your enemies, this game welcomes you into the world of great survival and ensures you have enough food, water, and racing to get things done before sundown when the world goes dark, with dinosaurs, giant killer spiders, and the giant croc to protect yourself from.

Hunt animals for resources and sly monsters for treasures, build your empire and overcome the savage cave world hurdles.

With no navigation, you are left with just a small map to find your place, understand how far to travel with a variety of limited resources and get home before dark.

With random sandstorms, colder nights, and hotter days, even take control of giant avatars of the gods to crush the homes of your enemies in epic battles.

What’s great about this game is you are your own boss, you can play with friends or alone. As well as join public servers.

Conan Exile malta gammer

What are you waiting for, if you enjoy survival games this is something you need to try, a middle ground between 7 Days to Die and Ark.

You can buy it on the PS4 game store or via steam.

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