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Ahoy there, hearty gamers and pixel pirates! Grab your digital cutlasses because Sea of Thieves just made a splash as the best-selling PS5 game in Europe last month. Before this swashbuckling adventure landed on PlayStation, it was already making waves in pre-order charts, and guess what? It lived up to all the hype!

Riding the High Seas of Popularity

Charting the Chart-Topper: How ‘Sea of Thieves’ Dominated European Sales

As the PlayStation 5 premier of Sea of Thieves approached, the excitement was as palpable as the ocean breeze! It dominated pre-order lists in many parts of Europe, and its successful launch wasn’t just expected; it was as inevitable as the tide!

According to the PlayStation Blog, not only was it the most downloaded game for Sony’s latest console in April (excluding free-to-play titles), but it also marked a significant victory lap for Microsoft on rival seas, as they proudly placed four titles in the top 10. Alongside Sea of Thieves, the list featured Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Grounded, and Fallout 4.

Microsoft’s Plunder on PlayStation Waters

Yes, you read that right! Microsoft, traditionally seen sailing mainly under its own flag, had a treasure-filled month on PlayStation platforms. With four of the top ten most sold games, it seems they’ve not only boarded the PlayStation ship but are also having a grand ol’ pirate party!

Global Success and the Call of the Sea

Sea of Thieves wasn’t just a hit in Europe; it also charted well in Canada and the US, although it was “only” third after Helldivers 2 and Stellar Blade. What does this tell us? The call of the sea is strong, and the allure of pirate life is universal, crossing oceans and continents!

Join the Crew: What’s Next for PlayStation Pirates?

Did you ever imagine there’d be so many pirate enthusiasts among PlayStation gamers? Whether you’re already a seasoned sailor or just considering your first voyage, there’s no better time to jump aboard. If you’re looking to deepen your night with more adult gaming adventures, check out these “5 PlayStation Games That Level Up Adult Gaming Nights” for some treasure-worthy picks!

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