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The first Life is Strange received widespread acclaim for its emotional gameplay inspired by history and a cast of fascinating, interconnected characters.

We had our first real experience in this year’s Gamescom 2018 after several teas and The Amazing Adventures of Captain Spirit, a free-to-spiel mini-prequel.

Life Is Strange 2: Everything you need to know

So here’s what we know about Life Is Strange 2, including storylines, characters, dates for release and more. Although we don’t know enough to offer big spoilers, we will have an early-game story.

If you want to stay clear of spoilers, don’t read “everything you need to know” game posts. You were alerted.

What’s Life Is Strange 2’s plot?

This game follows the story of Sean, 16, and his younger brother, Daniel, 9. You’re playing like Sean. Sean prepares to take part in a party early in the game, hoping to be rewarded to a certain girl on whom he has a crush.

As he shares his night plans with a friend over Skype, he discovers that a neighbour is harassing his little brother.

Life Is Strange 2: Everything you need to know

Sean runs to Daniel’s help, and then the bull is thrown into the ground after a clash between Sean and the dog and threatens to break his head-presumably, fatally. A police officer enters and then starts to wave a gun on the faces of the kids and then on their dad as it happens.

The officer fires a daddy shot, and … Strange. Strange. Somewhere seems to burst, the implication being that it somehow came from Sean, although his power specifics are undisclosed.

This supernatural aspect is a product of the original game, which saw Max use time and space to manipulate. The police officer, the bully and the dad are all dead after the explosion. Sean picks up the dazzled, still-alive body of Daniel as more police cars arrive and carry him away.

Later on, the demo showed us a scene where the two boys walk down a wooded road and enter a woods, talk, explore and look at the beautiful views. It’s all quite cute, considering the essence of what has happened.

That’s as much as we saw of the plot, but lead writer Jean-Luc Cano explained that the whole story is that the two boys fled from Seattle to Mexico, their father’s home city. “This journey is the cornerstone of Life Is Strange 2,” Cano explains, “it isn’t in one place. They will see many places and meet many people.”

Life Is Strange 2: Everything you need to know

What’s Life Is Strange 2 gameplay?

The gameplay overall looks precisely the same as the game before. It is guided by plot, with choices about how to act, how to talk and what to do.

For example, the boys find a parked car, a slightly open window on the dashboard with a chocolate bar. You should decide whether you can hang in and steal it for your brother or tell him you’re going to buy it soon.

We were told that choices like these not only affect what happens at that point but also have a lasting effect that can alter the way characters communicate with you along the line.

Life Is Strange 2: Everything you need to know

The same goes for debates. Another moment the boys playfully chatted about wild animals in the forest. As Daniel begins to be afraid, you, like Sean, can console or taunt him. Your decision will affect your relationship with Daniel and therefore decide how he will react later. Briefly: Remember what you’re doing.

The game’s mechanics stay the same; explore your surroundings, select items, read posters, checkboxes — do whatever you can to learn about the characters and their stories.

When can I play Life Is Strange 2?

The game will be published as five “episodes,” but we don’t know how long the episodes will run. The first one will arrive on 27 September, with the others about 6-8 weeks apart.

which platforms is Life Is Strange 2 on?

The Xbox, the PS4 and the Laptop will be there. Personally, for a release of Nintendo Switch, it looks like a fantastic title, but maybe I’m only optimistic there.

What’s awesome about Life is Strange 2? It has a fantastic soundtrack with original music by the same musician as the previous video. The children marched through the forest with a beautiful mix of acoustic guitar and piano songs, creating a lovely atmosphere. There is some other music, and Sean raps a part of the song by The Streets in one scene.

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