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Ghost Ship Games has embraced a seasonal approach for Deep Rock Galactic, and the game appears to have a bright future ahead of it. It’s not yet clear what Season 2 will bring other than new secondary weapons, but future seasons may feature crossover events.

Using Dead Cells as a model, Deep Rock Galactic may follow suit and create a memorable crossover.

Minecraft seems like an obvious choice for a crossover, but publisher Coffee Stain Studios and developer Mojang would both need to get on board with the idea. Fans have lobbied for Deep Rock Galactic to be integrated with Team Fortress, but because of the game’s similarity to Minecraft’s main mechanics, it is more likely to succeed.

There is no evidence that a Minecraft event will ever take place, but it’s easy to imagine what may be accomplished.

 Deep Rock Galactic

A pickaxe is one of the most critical tools in both Deep Rock Galactic and the popular computer game Minecraft. In this case, a pickaxe based on the game Minecraft could be the initial addition.

The Deep Rock Galactic pickaxe may be unlocked one piece at a time, with each quest completed awarding a blocky piece of a new pickaxe.

 Deep Rock Galactic

Minecraft’s pickaxe was used in Deep Rock Galactic once the game was finished, allowing players to mine with it.

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The resources that Deep Rock Galactic players need to harvest could be altered if a crossover occurs. Players might use Redstone to summon resupply pods instead of Nitra. While Lapis can replace Dystrum, Morkite can be replaced by Diamonds.

Deep Rock Galactic’s chunks were replaced by Minecraft-like pieces or things that might be found on the floor after being mined. Similarly, flowers like Apoca Blooms can be substituted for Minecraft’s own. Even though it’s a minor tweak, it’d do wonders for the crossover’s overall impact.

 Deep Rock Galactic

Minecraft’s mobs could be the most significant update. Glyphoid Grunts are one of the most visible examples of Minecraft-inspired enemy kinds. The Glyphoid Exploders could be replaced with Minecraft’s spiders, and the aliens could be replaced with Minecraft’s spiders.

They might become Minecraft’s iconic Creepers, which explode if they come into contact with one of the dwarves.’ Creepers in the shape of a Bulk Detonator would also be amusing to watch.

 Deep Rock Galactic

The Deep Rock Galactic Space Rig hub may benefit from Minecraft-themed decorations to commemorate the crossing. Dirt bricks may be used to repaint the space, much as how the Abyss Bar was redecorated for the Lunar New Year event.

The instantly identifiable paintings from Minecraft might briefly replace the posters in players’ chambers, while the kickable barrels from Deep Rock Galactic may temporarily be replaced with Minecraft chests.

It’s likely that this crossover may include some blocky paint jobs for armor and weapons and a framework for Season 2’s crossbow secondary that could make it appear like a Minecraft bow.

 Deep Rock Galactic

As long as games like Borderlands 2 have Minecraft material, things like this could happen. Both games may profit from a team-up, as the dwarf classes could be skins in Minecraft, and both could gain new players as a result. After a recent PS Plus release, the player base of Deep Rock Galactic has grown to enormous proportions, and with that growth comes the possibility of cross-promotional content for the game.

Even though numerous titles could work nicely with Deep Rock Galactic, Minecraft might be the best fit.

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