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What does it take to succeed online? The Creative Events Company did their best to answer this question at their May 27th event, the “Creative Annual Conference,” in Edinburgh, Scotland. All enjoyed speakers, networking, and workshops.

There is no shortage of blogs, bloggers, influencers, or online businesses. Yet, creating a successful one is a much greater challenge.

The good news is that there are actions that can be taken to increase the chances of making a breakthrough in the creative industry and make money whilst having fun doing the job you love. There is no better way to learn how than to learn from those who have actually achieved in their fields.

Creative Blogger Conference: A-List Speakers by Creative Events

“Creative Events Company “Creative Conference” brings brands and creatives together: Putting leading bloggers and creators in front of those who want to learn their tips and tricks in a face-to-face environment.

Creative Blogger Conference: A-List Speakers by Creative Events

The fifth Creative Events networking event was held on May 27th and was even more successful than the first, in the eyes of the many very happy attendees. Excitement over our next event is already building.

“We know that these events will get many creatives on a more productive path,” commented a spokesperson from Creative Events. “Breaking through with a new blog, account, or project can often feel daunting in an industry that is not yet fully recognized for its potential.” However, once these tips are implemented, we have discovered that real doors can and frequently do open for our guests.”

Highlights of the “Creative Annual Conference” speakers included Leah Hutcheon, Michael Ulloa, Troycy, Elliot Reeves, Jojo Fraser, Stewart Fenwick, Euan Patterson, Gemma Armit, Ian LeBruce, Pinky Ghadiali, Lisa Macareiu and many others.

Including appearances from Scottish Autism representatives, who we hope to work with again shortly.

Creative Blogger Conference: A-List Speakers by Creative Events

“The panels are fantastic; they are short, sweet, and very informative. There’s a great vibe and so many different people who I know I’ll be meeting in the next few months. Fab! ” -Sarah T (Guest attending)

Sponsors, who helped make the event so successful, were a who’s who of Scottish businesses and services.

Companies such as ClifBar, which supplies boxes of peanut butter and chocolate chip bars

VendorProducts/Services Provided
Stewart BrewerySelection of bottles and a keg for the open bar
Brockman’s GinBottles of gin, advice, and gin recipe books
Bevs TreatsFudge treats
GeniusGluten-free Bake Bars and bread crisp
Bruichladdich WhiskyBottles of whisky
Edinburgh Natural Skin CareSkin care products
Mr Lee’s NoodlesDelicious lunch alternative
Plant-based foodsVarious plant-based options
Jeremy LavenderPhotography workshop
The Honeyed BisonMacrame workshop
Body Street FitnessFitness assessments
Bibis BakeryCustomized macaroons for goodie bags
Creative Blogger Conference: A-List Speakers by Creative Events

And of course vapiano with

Pizza TypeQuantity
Margherita (Veggie)5
Marinara (No Cheese)3
BBQ Chicken3
Funghi (Veggie)2
Prosciutto Funghi3

After the amazing feedback that we have received since the event, the team can’t wait to start planning the next one! So expect next year’s event to be even more spectacular.

For more information, be sure to visit Creative Events


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