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G’day mates! Let me tell you about my all-time favourite haunt in St Julians, Malta – Two Buoys Bistro. This isn’t just any eatery; it’s like my second home, where the staff are more like family than servers.

Stepping into Two Buoys is like walking into a mate’s beach house. There’s this laid-back, easy-going vibe that hits you as soon as you descend the narrow staircase.

Two Buoys Bistro St.Julians

The nautical knick-knacks and vibrant Aussie-inspired art against the crisp white walls give it a true blue taverna feel. Whether it’s soaking up the sun or cozying up when it’s a bit nippy outside, this place is a beaut for any weather.

Two Buoys Bistro Dining Malta - Spinola


Now, let’s yarn about the tucker. It’s like a slice of Oz right here in Malta! The brunch menu is bonzer – those Port Melbourne Pancakes are the duck’s nuts, and the waffles aren’t too shabby either.

Two Buoys Bistro Dining malta

But wait till you try the prawns on the barbie – fair dinkum delicious! And for my veggo mates, the Tittybong Tower is a real treat. Plus, their vino selection, especially that Running Duck Merlot from South Africa, is as good as gold.

Two Buoys Bistro Dining Malta - Spinola

What really makes Two Buoys the ant’s pants is the people. They welcome you with a big Aussie ‘How ya goin’?’ and treat you like you’re one of their own. It’s this genuine warmth that makes every meal here feel like a family get-together.

Two Buoys Bistro St.Julians

Extra Goodies:

  • Little Nippers & Families: They’re sorted with highchairs and places to change the bubs.
  • Wheelie Good Access: Full wheelchair access, making it a breeze for everyone to come by.
  • Pooch Friendly: Bring along your four-legged mate, no worries.
  • Stunning Views & Takeaway: The view over the bay is a sight for sore eyes, and if you’re in a rush, grab a takeaway.
Two Buoys Bistro St.Julians

In a nutshell, Two Buoys Bistro isn’t just a spot for a feed; it’s where memories are made. It’s my go-to place in Spinola Bay, and I reckon once you drop by, you’ll be as stoked with it as I am! Catch ya there!

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