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Stay home, save lives

You’ve probably seen the phrase hundreds of times already. It’s slowly creeping into the everyday decor, appearing on the rainbow drawings that neighbors have put up in the windows and on most promotional signs on your way to the shop.

What Nobody Told You About Going Into Lockdown

Of course, you understand the logic behind the lockdown. Staying at home can help to slow the spread of the virus. Besides, you also know that the virus is highly contagious and can come in a variety of forms. Some individuals didn’t report any symptoms but were carriers of the COVID-19 virus.

So, it’s possible that someone who feels healthy could infect someone who isn’t immune without even knowing it. So, you’ve accepted the new reality. Reason tells you it’s necessary.

What Nobody Told You About Going Into Lockdown

However, you wish someone had warned you about the way self-isolation could turn your life upside down. Saving lives, okay, but who’s going to save you from lockdown stress?

Hello roots

When was your last trip to the hairdresser? You don’t remember. But your visible roots are showing you that it’s been a while. Look carefully in the mirror. Is that a grey patch on your temple? Where does that come from?

For millions, bad hair days have become part of their morning rituals. They wake up, check in the mirror, roll their eyes, and hope nothing will show during their zoom meeting. You suddenly realize how important your hair has been to your mood.

Dull skin complexion and acne are back

Where has your soft and clean skin gone? Your face looks tired, and you’ve spotted new lines around your eyes. Is self-isolation aging you and causing your old acne to flare up simultaneously?

The answer is yes. Indoor air particles can clog up your pores and cause your skin to dry out, which is the cause of your skin issues. Besides, stress can aggravate the situation.

If your usual skincare products are ineffective, you might want to look for solutions that combine innovative technology and gentle ingredients. – click here to find inspiration for your beauty routine. Another great habit to introduce is a morning face massage. It’ll help you relax.

Yes, I’ll have another slice, thanks

Your home-baked cake smells delicious. It tastes like a piece of rainbow, and you’ll know you’re on your third slice. Combined with a rich and heavy meal, you’re not sure how you’re going to fit in your skinny trousers anymore at the end of the lockdown.

Over-indulging might feel good at the time, but excess sugar and fat affect your hormones – and increase your stress levels. Portion control is now more important than ever. Take a look at this article for helpful tips.

What Nobody Told You About Going Into Lockdown

I am anxious all the time

Anxiety and depression are, unfortunately, the price to pay for the lockdown. Self-isolation is toxic because it deprives you of the sanity and mood-lifting advantages of social contacts. What will the mental toll be?

It’s impossible to tell. In the meantime, look after yourself with meditation, mindfulness, and self-love.

Saving lives has never been more challenging on a day to day basis. Staying sane, happy, and healthy under lockdown is the biggest challenge you’ll ever face. It’s for the greater good, yet it doesn’t do your mental health any good. In what remains the greatest health conundrum of our times, patience, self-compassion, and mindfulness are your best allies.

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