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For most people, December is their favourite month of the year! It is a time to celebrate with those you love the most. Once Christmas is over there is no need to feel down and gloomy, as the NYE parties which is only a week away!

It is time to reflect on the year that has passed and to look forward to the year ahead. What will 2020 have in store for you? It seems crazy to think about already, right?

For A Spectacular NYE, The Planning Starts Now

Well, if you celebrate New Year in style you can be confident that you have kicked off 2020 the right way and indeed that has to have a positive impact on the year ahead, right?

If you have big ideas for NYE, now is the time to start planning.

A lot of people go away for a holiday, whether a staycation weekend in the UK or a lavish trip abroad. You can’t wait much longer when it comes to plans like this.

For A Spectacular NYE, The Planning Starts Now

There are large holiday cottages all over the UK, as well as lavish accommodations worldwide. How about staying in the likes of Desa Green and enjoying NYE in Asia?

Sounds amazing, right? New Year’s Eve is on a Tuesday this year. Why not have a long weekend away? You could choose a lively and fun-filled destination that is assured to have lots of opportunities to party.

For A Spectacular NYE, The Planning Starts Now

If you want to stay in the UK, how about Brighton? Brighton is widely deemed to be one of the most colourful, vibrant and fun cities in the country.

You can be sure that New Year will be a lot of fun here. You can then spend the rest of the week exploring what Sussex has to offer.

There are many towns and cities providing lots of beautiful scenery and fun-filled attractions. The choice is of course yours. This is just a mere example of one of the many options that are available to you.

The great thing about staying in a large holiday cottage or villa is that they really enhance the party atmosphere.

They allow everyone to stay in the same place. Otherwise, if you were to stay in a hotel or B&B you would have to stay in separate rooms.

This certainly is not as fun. It restricts the party feel. Let’s say you went on holiday as a group of ten. If you were to stay in a hotel, you would need at least four different rooms.

Everyone would be separated. Whereas, if you were in a large holiday apartment, cottage or villa, you could all stay together. You would be able to have a few drinks together and celebrate the right way.

For A Spectacular NYE, The Planning Starts Now

Not only is a large accommodation better in terms of enjoyment, but it is also the best option when it comes to the monetary side of things. You may be shocked to discover that you can save considerable money by staying in a large holiday cottage.

When it comes to staying in a hotel, you will have to pay per room and night. There are even some hotels that will charge you per person too. This can be extremely expensive, especially if you are going away in a big group.

However, if you stay in a holiday apartment, cottage or villa you will be quoted a set price for the entire week or weekend.

This price does not change based on the number of people that are going to be stopping there. Therefore, the more of you there are, the cheaper the accommodation will be. We all know that New Year is a time that can be very expensive. Establishments seem to double or even treble their prices, but with a large holiday apartment, cottage or villa, you have the opportunity to keep your prices down.

For A Spectacular NYE, The Planning Starts Now

Once you begin looking on the Internet for holiday accommodation, you will see that you have a lot of different options at your disposal.

A lot of options have luxurious extras that will really enhance the fun of the overall occasion. What about a cottage with a private hot tub? Or, perhaps you want to push the boat out further and go for a cottage with a private swimming pool?

The choice is of course yours. The mere fact that you will have a lot more space and a big garden benefits most. You will certainly not experience this if you stop in a hotel.

Privacy is an added benefit as well. You can find cottages and villas in some of the most beautiful and secluded locations. This may be of interest to you.

You may wish to pick somewhere more remote so that you can have more fun together. You won’t have to worry as much about the noise levels, and something is exciting about going to a place in the “middle of nowhere.”

Or maybe you’d rather go to one of the busier and more popular places? Some of the most magical places to live are on the coast, where you can enjoy amazing views.

Or, if you are located in the heart of a town or city, you can be certain that you will never be short of a party.

For A Spectacular NYE, The Planning Starts Now

To conclude, if you are looking for the best way to celebrate New Year, you should definitely consider renting a large holiday cottage, villa, or apartment with friends and/or family, either in the UK or elsewhere.

Start off the year ahead in style. There is so much fun to be had by going down this route. You will be able to have a mini holiday and reap all of the benefits that are associated with staying together in a stunning cottage rather than being restricted by a hotel.

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