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When purchasing a new pet, it’s important to curate the home environment they are to be introduced to in the best manner possible.

Not only will this help you introduce them to their new home with care, but you’ll also protect your home from their unpredictable behavior.

Of course, some inconveniences will need to be accepted, no matter how well you plan this entire process.

For example, purchasing a young puppy will undoubtedly lead to one or more accidents within your home before they are fully trained to conduct their business outside, which is quite normal.

How To Thoroughly Pet-Proof Your Home

However, it’s also important to ensure that as a caring pet owner, you are able to understand their needs and what applications may best cater to those.

Your small puppy may find it hard on their legs to have free access to climbing and descending the stairs for example, so it may be worthwhile to limit this access.

With the following advice, we’ll help you thoroughly pet-proof your home in the most reliable manner:

Access Gates

It can be important to block access to certain rooms of your house. Perhaps you feel that bringing your puppy upstairs is not a good idea as they aren’t quite potty-trained yet.

Maybe you have another pet in another room and wish to ensure they familiarize themselves with the space before having to contend with another one of your pets.

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Maybe you want to protect your newborn’s room from the new, excitable puppy. Remember that while cats can often jump over small access gates, dogs will struggle to.

Consider placement, height, and door control. This can help you ensure they are well-protected within your home.


Nothing is worse than balancing your love for a pet with the cost of your newly-torn-up couch.

This is why it’s important to learn about different types of pet friendly fabrics that can help you both protect your furniture items while ensuring the pet is cared for as the first priority.

How To Thoroughly Pet-Proof Your Home

This can also help you limit the continual worry of protecting your home in the right ways.

Of course, if your puppy or pet is struggling to ‘potty train’ right now, it might be worth rolling up and storing the expensive cashmere rug in your living room. Good sense will always prevail.

Slow Introductions

How To Thoroughly Pet-Proof Your Home

Slow introductions to your household can only be a practical means of helping two pets become familiar with each other. For example, let us consider that you are bringing a new puppy into a household. Perhaps you already have a dog there.

Before you arrange that meeting, let them smell each other, let the puppy sniff the present dog’s bed while he’s in a different room, and let them progressively hear each other. This lets you warmly greet a new family member.

With this advice, we hope you can thoroughly pet-proof your home.

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