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Our relationship with our dogs can be one of the most fulfilling in our lives. Not only do we learn the benefits of responsibility, especially at a young age, but we can also very quickly learn that a dog can give you unlimited love.

Good Boy! Building A Brilliant Bond With Your New Dog

We could mention the cost of keeping a dog at this stage, but we will quickly sideline that! But it’s not to say that it’s all an easy task; when you have a new dog, you must learn how to build a bond with them. Are there any ways for us to do this quickly and effectively?

Clear and constant communication

Confusion is one of the biggest enemies of a fruitful relationship with a dog. While you have to show them who’s boss, ensure that you give commands with authority and that your communication doesn’t just consist of your voice.

Good Boy! Building A Brilliant Bond With Your New Dog

Dogs are much more quickly able to learn visual signals than local ones. So when communicating with our dogs, be definite; this will make life a lot easier for both of you.

Structure their training

You may have a dog that suffered a problematic past, which could result in various behavioural issues. They may find threats in the littlest of things. You don’t want to be held responsible if your dog bit a random passerby.

You can contact BillHurst.com for info if you ever get entwined in a legal conflict relating to this, but the best defence is ensuring this doesn’t happen in the first place.

They are structuring the training to benefit both you and them. If they listen when you call them and stand at your feet, they will be allowed off the leash more. Think about structuring their training so they can get the most out of it, and you can focus on having fun with them.

Good Boy! Building A Brilliant Bond With Your New Dog

Keep them happy

A solid relationship with your dog isn’t just about showing you know the proper commands; you must do what you can to ensure they are happy. If they’re not satisfied, they will get frustrated, and they will get aggressive.

A straightforward way to fix this is to ensure they have a varied diet. Dogs tend to like a handful of things, but if you are concerned with their overall health, you can find foods that will benefit their mood and health.

On IHeartDogs.com, you can look at some items you can sneak into your dog’s food so that they will be healthier. But it’s all about their diet to keep them happy, so keep it simple.

It’s not entirely complex, but when you’re trying to build a bond with your new dog, you can easily get overwhelmed by the amount of information. Instead, trust your instincts and focus on both of you.

Think about what they like and work towards that, but at the same time, get grounded in some of the basics of training, and you will build a brilliant bond.

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