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A lot of people know that I have a soft spot for felines. My partner surprised me with a cute ragdoll kitten from a good family for Christmas 2014. Whom I affectionately referred to as “Pancakes.” Really, she has been fantastic.


She’s hilarious in her own wacky, adorable way. Incredibly, she has my undying affection.

The first ragdoll I ever saw was at my sister’s house, where she showed off her new male ragdoll. Animals are the finest medicine during trying times. I’ll tell you why YOU should get one now.

1. They are your best friend

They remain faithful and devoted to you no matter what challenges you face. You can always count on them to notice when you’re feeling low or angry. If you’re feeling down, they’ll be there to give you a warm embrace.

Ragdolls can indeed handle themselves, but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy being cuddled. You’ll love curling up with them because they’re so soft and toasty.

10 Reasons To Get A Ragdoll Kitten
Pancakes and Mittens – Best Friends Forever

2. Always wanting to play and keep you entertained

Yes, some of us don’t have time, but they never refuse to play a good afternoon game when you are available! Cats are more than capable of entertaining themselves with toys, boxes, drawers.

So even if you don’t have time, they understand and find something inexpensive to play with!

10 Reasons To Get A Ragdoll Kitten
10 Reasons To Get A Ragdoll Kitten
Pancakes – Hide and Seek!


No need to call in help; they keep the creepy crawlies away. We had mice when we moved into our flat, but it is safe to say; we haven’t had any problems since having her!

Also, she likes leaving a small present as a gift when you come home from work…

4. Hygiene

Can you describe your experience with bathing or washing a cat? In no way amusing! They wash, relieving you of a burdensome task, and you get clean, clean, clean!

Dry cat shampoo is available, and all you have to do to apply it is sprinkle it on your cat’s fur and work it in with your fingers or a brush.

10 Reasons To Get A Ragdoll Kitten

5. Laughter

Ragdoll is always doing SOMETHING to make you laugh, missing the ledge or even having a random hyper moment and running around like a maniac!

They are so flimsy and find anywhere to sleep and play, leaving you so confused as, most of the time, it’s uncomfortable looking.

6. Independent

They thrive on human interaction but can also manage quite well without it; if you have to be gone all day, they won’t be upset to see you return. It’s not necessary to worry about letting them out.

Cats are inherently independent and don’t need much attention, thus, this is great for those who frequently come and go.

7. Health

Having a pet has been linked to significantly lower blood pressure and the risk of heart disease, regardless of the cause of stress.

Furthermore, research has shown that petting a cat for a few minutes can cause a surge of “feel good” endorphins to be released in the brain. This is so awesome! Stop taking medicine and get a cat.

10 Reasons To Get A Ragdoll Kitten

8. Cat Selfie

Ragdolls are known to be one of the tamest and most friendly cats, getting on with various animals and being like dogs’ labradors!

They also love a good photo! Everyone has baby pictures, but a Ragdoll photo goes a very long way! You love showing them off as they are such a unique breed and cute.

9. Alert

No matter what, whether they’re asleep or busy, they will pick up on every single detail, noise, and fly that enters your household! No need for a guard!

10 Reasons To Get A Ragdoll Kitten

10. They are too cute to handle!

They know you, learn your personality and way of life, they become your best friend and partner in crime.

Let’s face it, they are just plain cute too!


  1. It’s nice that you talked about how cats are naturally independent creatures that require little supervision. My daughter wants to have a cat as a gift for birthday so I am now looking for a good breed for her. Ragdoll kittens seems like a really good choice, so maybe I should start searching for one.

  2. […] as mild, moderate, and severe to help them choose treatment. One thing that profoundly helped me (along with my Ragdoll–Pancakes) is my family support. I know how fortunate I am. Unfortunately, not everyone has the same license, […]

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