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Vintage jewellery is a huge fashion trend right now for various reasons. If you’ve heard the term “vintage” being thrown around a lot, but you aren’t sure exactly what it means, it has a pretty vague definition.

4 Reasons You Should Be Buying Vintage Jewelry

It means anything over 20 years old, so even stuff from the 80s and maybe even the ’90s could be considered vintage. That’s what vintage jewellery means, but why should you buy it? These are just some of the great reasons.

Better Price

It’s no surprise that second-hand jewellery is often cheaper than buying brand-new; it’s the same with most things.

If you start looking at antique stuff, the price might increase slightly, but you can get more for your money. Look at the Yafa Signed Jewels – Van Cleef collection to get an idea of the quality of the jewellery you could get for your money.

4 Reasons You Should Be Buying Vintage Jewelry

Many second-hand and vintage jewellery is tax-exempt, which is always cheaper than buying new. You can save even more significantly if you hunt for vintage jewellery in thrift stores or shop online at auction sites like eBay.

Better Quality

You often hear people say, ‘They don’t make them like they used to,’ and that’s true of jewellery. Most modern jewellery is cast, but vintage jewellery tends to be handmade or, at the very least, hand-finished. That means you’ll almost always get a better quality product if you buy vintage jewellery.

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More Sustainable

Trying to keep up with fashion trends without harming the environment is difficult because most fashion brands are not sustainable. There are ways to find sustainable fashion, though, and buying second-hand is one of the best ways.

There’s already plenty of jewellery in the world; there’s no need to encourage more manufacturing by buying brand-new stuff. Plenty of great vintage pieces to fill your jewellery box with, and you won’t be causing any more damage to the planet.

It’s An Investment

4 Reasons You Should Be Buying Vintage Jewelry

If you tried selling some modern jewellery, you probably wouldn’t get much for it. It’s only worth the value of the metal and the stones, and that’s usually a lot lower than you think it will be and certainly a lot less money than you paid for it.

But you’ll probably get a lot more if you try to sell vintage jewellery. You probably won’t get much for the more recent pieces, but if you’ve got anything considered an antique (usually anything from 1920 or earlier), you could get a reasonable price.

Older jewellery is worth more than just the value of the materials because it’s usually handmade by expert artisans, not just cast in a factory.

4 Reasons You Should Be Buying Vintage Jewelry

If that is not reason enough for you to consider buying vintage jewellery, think how amazing it can look when you pair it with the right outfit.

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