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When I’m feeling down, need a day of laziness, or want to have dinner in front of the TV, Netflix is what I turn to. Another perk is that I can always find something interesting to watch.

Netflix Original "Santa Clarita Diet"...

There’s always something new to watch on Netflix, and I’ve just become obsessed with both “Riverdale” and the timeless “Santa Clarita Diet.”

Netflix Original "Santa Clarita Diet"...

This comedy zombie in a suburban town has hit the media with weekly trailers. I enjoy the quickness with random comments and prominent celebrity roles that you wouldn’t expect from some of the actors.

Victor Fresco, the film’s creator, has brought this comedy/horror to the world, and it has received overwhelmingly positive reviews since its release on February 3rd, 2017 (USA).

Sheila and Joel, a married couple, are real estate agents in Santa Clarita, California. When Sheila dies, their lives take a dark turn.

Netflix Original "Santa Clarita Diet"...

Stars including Drew Barrymore as Sheila Hammond from Charlie’s Angels, Never Been Kissed. Timothy Olyphant as Joel Hammond from The Crazies.

Both Drew and Timothy have such a fantastic connection. They bring such a mix of emotions to the screen, with gross to rolling over laughing.

Netflix Original "Santa Clarita Diet"...
Santa Clarita Diet Season 2

Did you know?

  • The idea for the show came from a conversation between creator Victor Fresco and his friend and fellow TV producer Tracy Katsky. Katsky suggested the idea of a couple who have to deal with a zombie spouse.
  • The show was originally pitched to HBO, but the network passed on it. Netflix later picked it up.
  • Drew Barrymore, who plays the lead character Sheila Hammond, was initially hesitant to take on the role because she was afraid of doing a TV series. She ultimately decided to take the part because she loved the concept and the chance to work with Timothy Olyphant.
Netflix Original "Santa Clarita Diet"...
  • The show was filmed in Santa Clarita, California, which is where the title comes from.
  • The show features a lot of fake blood and gore, which presented some challenges for the actors and crew. Timothy Olyphant has said that he often had to take multiple showers a day to get the fake blood off.
  • The show’s writers came up with a fictional language called “Serbian” for the character of Mr. Ball Legs, Sheila’s undead spider pet.
Netflix Original "Santa Clarita Diet"...
  • The show was cancelled after three seasons, much to the disappointment of its dedicated fan base.
  • The show’s final scene features a nod to the fact that the series was ending, with Sheila saying, “I can live with that” as she prepares to leave town.
  • The show’s creators had plans for additional seasons and had even mapped out a rough storyline for a potential fourth season, but unfortunately, it was never produced.
Netflix Original "Santa Clarita Diet"...

The single-camera series consists of 10 episodes. The first season has received generally positive reviews, with critics praising the cast and premise, but criticizing the number of graphic scenes.

“Sheila and Joel, a married couple, are real estate agents in Santa Clarita, California. When Sheila dies, their lives take a dark turn.”

Written by Lina
  • The show has developed a cult following and has been praised for its unique blend of horror, comedy, and family drama.

With its clever writing, unexpected plot twists, and unapologetic approach to blending genres, “Santa Clarita Diet” stands out as a must-watch series for fans of unconventional storytelling. Whether you’re in it for the laughs, the thrills, or the quirky take on suburban life, this show delivers on all fronts.

Netflix Original "Santa Clarita Diet"...

As viewers navigate the Hammonds’ chaotic lives, they’re reminded that even in the face of the most bizarre circumstances, love, and family can prevail. So, if you haven’t already, it’s time to tune in, grab some snacks (preferably non-human), and enjoy the wild ride that is “Santa Clarita Diet.”

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