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“Hello, Games” create a procedurally generated universe with a game called “No Man’s Sky.”

First and foremost, this is not a gaming review. I have a played number of games that have blown me away, such as “Last of Us” (without doubt one of the greatest games I’ve ever played). However, “Hello Games” amazed me differently with their game “No Man’s Sky,” which has been hit with mixed reviews since its release, with myself feeling slightly mixed about the game as well.

I think it could be the case of overselling on Sonys part and miss-selling game features that aren’t actually in the game.

I could spend a long time writing about things that I thought would feature in the game but hasn’t. However, I believe a new patch is coming out soon that may fix some of that, and that’s not what this blog is about.

no mans sky

So why has this independent gaming company “Hello Games” amazed me with “No Man’s Sky”? Well, here it is they are only a tiny team of roughly 10-18 staff which have achieved the following:

  • They created a procedurally generated universe with over 18 quintillion planets now to put the number is perspective, it would take a player around 5 billion years to visit ever planet in the game.
  • The planet themselves are actually size planets with their own unique echo systems, on top of that planets have their tunnel of caves under the surface of the planet.
  • Even the life forms on the planets are procedurally generated which means those life-forms are unique to that planet, so you won’t find the same life form on another planet.
  • Even the sounds these creatures make are procedurally generated.
  • There aren’t even any loading times between arriving and exiting a planet.
  • Plus, a load more.

The point of the game is to explore, survive and make your way to the center of the universe. Are the guys at Hello Game the most excellent game developers in the world today?…… I have no idea. But I can say this small team had the self-belief, confidence, and drive to pull off this unbelievable achievement.

“Hello, Games” create a procedurally generated universe with a game called “No Man’s Sky.”

So if this blog were to have a point, it would be if you have the self-belief, confidence, and drive, anything is possible.

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