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Rockstar has officially revealed Grand Theft Auto VI and, needless to say, people are pretty excited about it.

It quickly became the most-watched game trailer ever released on both Twitter and YouTube and despite some early leaks that showed the game in a not-so-flattering alpha state, that didn’t stop people from getting blown away by the new look at Vice City.

If you’re as excited as many, you might be feeling that itch to start the hype train rolling, and here are just a few ways to do that.

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Get back to Vice City

One of the standout features of GTA VI is the return of Vice City, Rockstar’s answer to Miami, but with everything dialed up to 11. A great way to prepare for it is to revisit the 2002 release, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, which quite recently got a re-release for the remastered collection, and even got released through Netflix games on mobile (yes, if you have a Netflix account, you get some games with it.)

The 80s flavoring is off the roof for this one, with the story basically being a pastiche of Scarface, but with a lot more wanton destruction. GTA VI’s Vice City seems just as Miami-inspired, but with a much broader lens on modern culture, so it will undoubtedly be exciting to see how the city has evolved over time.

See GTA as it is, now

If you want a better idea of what GTA VI is more likely to look, like compared to a remastered PS2 game, then GTA V isn’t all that old.

There’s no doubt that Lucia’s story is going to be a good deal different than the ballad of Trevor, Michael, and Franklin, but rather than looking at the story, GTA’s most modern incarnation is in the constantly updated online game.

If you’re a little late to the party, GTA modded accounts can let you start the game with a boosted account. As such, you can get all the money that you need to access a lot of the mid and late-game content, rather than having to work your way up from scratch.

Play Rockstar’s latest masterpiece

Although it’s very likely to be a different experience in many ways, one of the things that has some gamers a lot more excited about the next GTA installment than past ones is the success, scope, and sheer detail poured into Red Dead Redemption 2.

Now, we don’t expect to be fixing guns and skinning animals in real time in GTA VI, but if it has even a little bit of that focus on immersion, we might be looking at one of the greatest open-world modern games of all time.

Add to that the focus on excellent writing and dynamic relationships that RDR 2 brought, and Rockstar could knock it out of the park beyond imagination.

Needless to say, a lot of people are feeling the itch for open-world urban games, and none are going to quite scratch it like GTA VI might if it lives up to the hype. But it’s always fun to go back and explore the other titles related to it.

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