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Days Gone studio was said to be working on a new Uncharted game. A new Uncharted game was reportedly in the works at Sony Bend, the creators of Day’s Gone, until the team requested removal from the project.

A new report from Bloomberg claims to have revealed a slew of exciting details about how Sony is moving forward with its game production plans, including a look at a potential The Last of Us PS5 remake, but buried beneath that is news that a new Uncharted game is in the works.

Days Gone company was developing an Uncharted sequel

According to the report’s sources, one of Sony Bend’s teams was tasked with working on a new Uncharted game under Naughty Dog’s supervision. Sony Bend is the studio behind 2019’s open-world zombie game Days Gone.

This came after Sony Bend’s pitch for Days Gone Two was turned down due to its lengthy development process and mixed critical reception.

Days Gone company was developing an Uncharted sequel

According to the report, many Sony Bend employees were unhappy with the arrangement, which resulted in several staff departures before the studio formally requested to be removed from the project. It is now working on its own game.

Uncharted Days Gone company was developing an Uncharted sequel

On Twitter, the article’s author, Jason Schreier, commented that he doesn’t know if the Uncharted game is still in development, as it was still “all on paper at Bend” when Bend asked to be removed.

Uncharted hasn’t released a game since Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, a standalone expansion for Uncharted four released in 2017. In this spinoff, players take on Chloe Frazer’s role, a fellow treasure hunter and occasional love interest of Nathan Drake.

Days Gone company was developing an Uncharted sequel

While a new Uncharted game may be on the way, we know that an Uncharted film will be released soon, starring Spider-Tom Man Holland in the lead role of Nathan Drake. Although principal filming is complete, the film’s release date has been pushed back to February 18, 2022.

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