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Venice top eatsVenice top eats

Top Places to Eat in Venice

Preparation is needed to eat well here. Many Venice restaurants deliver average meals to tourists. Venice has everything a foodie could want if you choose eateries where top chefs use fresh, high-quality local ingredients. Carnivores need not worry—a city with a solid marine history naturally values seafood. Venice’s prices are higher than others, as expected. Venetians prefer cicheti to complete meals at Bacardi (traditional pubs) (tapas-like snacks).

Taste of Greek in Malta - ManakisTaste of Greek in Malta - Manakis

Taste of Greek in Malta – Manakis

If you’re craving Greek food from one of the world’s oldest civilizations, Manakis Greek Taverna is the restaurant in St. Julian’s, Malta, closest to the real thing. Start with a glass of Greek wine or beer (or a cocktail, if you’re feeling adventurous) and some classic slices of bread and dips, like Tzatziki (yoghurt, cucumber, …


Authentic Maltese Cuisine At Ta’ Kris Restaurant

In a warm and friendly atmosphere, the Ta’ Kris restaurant serves traditional Maltese food made like it would be at home. In the heart of Sliema’s busy commercial district, you’ll find the restaurant on a little side street just off Bisazza Street. Ta’ Kris is located in one of the oldest bakeries in Sliema and …

forbidden placessnake island

World’s Most Fascinating Forbidden Places

The coronavirus has left New York deserted. Distance has cut off tropical paradises and national parks. Explore forbidden places destinations instead of bemoaning cancelled visits. North Brother Island is New York City’s 80-year-old ghost village. Some islands are forbidden—for fascinating reasons. Some can be invited, seen from a distance, or experienced through replicas, but (once …