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Summer is approaching, I like nothing more than a really nice cool soft drink to get me through the day.

Fentimens - sponsor - edinburgh braw bloggers

Recently at Braw Blogger’s 3rd event, Instagram Capturing that perfect moment, Fentimans supplied us with a lovely range of different flavoured condensation dripping drinks for our event on the 5th of April.


The event which was dedicated to Instagram and workshops networking, Bring brands bloggers together. An absolute hit with an open bar supplied with various mouthwatering liquors and uses, we also had if it has to pick set up with that means supplying. Ginger Beer, Victorian Lemonade, Rose Lemonade, Wild English Elderflower and Curiosity Cola.

Rose Lemonade fentimans

Fentimans produces botanically brewed, exquisitely crafted beverages and mixers. Fentimans, an original craft drinks company founded in 1905 is owned by Eldon Robson, the great, great-grandson of the original Thomas Fentiman.

Fentimans beverages and mixers are crafted with knowledge and expertise passed on from generation to generation of the Fentimans family. By sticking to the time-honoured botanical brewing technique, and with the use of natural ingredients, all our exquisitely crafted drinks have a superb depth of flavour, complex and 3-dimensional mouthfeel and unsurpassed quality. WHERE TO BUY FENTIMANS


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