With Japan’s scorching summers, a Tokyo apparel company has teamed up with doctors to produce a pet-friendly wearable fan.

The company hopes this will appeal to dog and cat owners who are worried about their pets’ inability to shed their fur.

Japan's hot summer gives hot dogs and cats wearing fans.

Battery-powered, 80-gram (3 ounce) fan linked to a mesh suit blows air over the animal’s body.

Her pet chihuahua’s exhaustion while being taken for a walk inspired Rei Uzawa, the maternity clothes brand Sweet Mommy president, to establish her own line.

As a result of the lack of rain this year, “the hot days came early, and in that sense, I think we designed a product that is perfect for the market,” she added.

Temperatures topped 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit) for nine days following Tokyo’s rainy season’s conclusion in late June.

“Dry ice packs are usually what I reach for (to keep the dog cool). This fan, however, makes it easier for me to walk my dog “She is 48-year-old Mami Kummoto, the owner of Pudding, a tiny Poodle, and Maco, a terrier.

Sweet Mommy has received roughly 100 orders for the product since its launch in early July, Uzawa said. Sizes range from small to extra large, costing 9,900 yen ($74).

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