Gary Lico, who used to work for Sony and is now the head of CableReady, plans to leave the syndication and distribution business next year after 50 years in it.

Lico, who currently controls GaryLico.TV, plans to retire in June 2023, at which point he will be searching for a global distributor to assume control of the rights to the real crime series Forensic Files.

The veteran has sole rights to distribute the show internationally; he developed it in 1996 in collaboration with Medstar Television. Since then, over 150 countries have purchased it.

Lico, who has worked at Sony Pictures Television and Katz Media and hosts the US daytime talk show A New Day, will continue to distribute the series until the rights are given to a new global distribution partner.

Through his company, CableReady, he distributed programmes like “Billion Dollar Disasters,” “Women Behind Bars,” and “Forensic Files” for over 20 years after its founding in 1992. Due to the company’s breakup in 2013, Lico started GaryLico.TV.

“I am very grateful to the many supporting clients who have become friends,” Lico added. “I am grateful to the many firms that trusted me and what I licensed. Looking back on it now, I feel a mixture of pride, humility, and love because of how much I learned.

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