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Bugeye’s, the vibrant New-Wave-Disco-Punk ensemble from Croydon, has once again captured the spotlight with their latest offering – the music video for their recent single, “Dancing Out In The Dark.” Directed and scripted by the talented Laura Jean Marsh, the video is a deep dive into the quirky and creative universe synonymous with Bugeye.

A Nostalgic Trip with a Modern Edge

This new video is not just a visual treat; it’s a journey back in time, reminiscent of the iconic 90s. It cleverly parallels the fun and ingenuity seen in memorable videos like Foo Fighters’ “Learn to Fly” and Blink 182‘s “First Date.”

Each band member steps into various comedic roles, showcasing their versatile acting skills, a testament to their multifaceted artistry.

More Than Just a Performance

Set in a vintage working men’s club, the video revolves around a talent show theme but with an inventive twist. The band members don different personas, ranging from mime artists to ventriloquists, even parodying themselves. This array of performances starkly contrasts their electrifying live shows, offering a fresh perspective on their art.

Bugeye Channels 90s Teenage Soul!" #DancingOutInTheDark

The cast of characters in the video adds a layer of humor and nostalgia, including an EastEnders-style pub couple, a whimsical Elvis impersonator, and a judge bearing a striking resemblance to Sharon Osbourne. These elements blend to create a humorous yet thought-provoking spectacle.

A Surprising Turn

However, it’s not all laughs and light-hearted fun. The video takes a dark and unexpected turn, adding an element of suspense and intrigue. This twist not only adds depth to the narrative but also keeps the viewer engaged till the very end.

Bugeye: The Journey Continues

With sold-out shows across the UK and notable festival appearances, Bugeye is not just a band to watch; they are a force to be reckoned with.

Their journey, beginning in 2018, has been nothing short of remarkable. As a queer alternative rock band, their music addresses a spectrum of topics from the mundanity of city life to pressing global issues like racism and climate change.

Their style is a unique blend of 70s dance floor vibes, post-punk, and noughties optimism, making their sound not only nostalgic but also relevant and forward-thinking. As Bugeye gears up for an exciting 2024 filled with new releases and live shows, their momentum in the indie music scene is palpable and thrilling.


The release of “Dancing Out In The Dark” is more than just a new music video; it’s a statement of Bugeye’s continued evolution and their commitment to pushing the boundaries of indie music.

Their ability to mix humor, nostalgia, and contemporary issues, all while maintaining a foot-tapping rhythm, is what makes them stand out. This video is a must-watch for not only fans of the band but for anyone who appreciates the art of music videos with a narrative that keeps you guessing.

Stay tuned to Bugeye’s journey, as they continue to redefine the indie music landscape with their unique sound and captivating performances.

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