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Elegant and Confident Plus-Size Men’s Polo Shirts

assorted color folded shirts on wooden panelman in black polo shirt wearing black and white converse all star high top sneakers

Just like long-sleeved shirts, men’s plus-size polo shirts are a great addition to a plus-size man’s collection of wear, whether for business or formal outings. If chosen rightly and when worn, it makes a very bold statement and looks clean! 

gray polo shirt on white table

This is because the type of clothing an individual wears has a strong connection with how elegant and confident he appears on any occasion. 

Not until recently did plus-size men have more options for where to purchase quality fashion clothing, including men’s plus-size polo shirts. So, they just had to buy the clothing available then. However, now, it is easier to get viable options of where to purchase polo shirts that appreciate your body size and make you stand out. 

But here is the real question: what qualities make a polo shirt make a chubby man confident and elegant? 

We have itemised the qualities in this article; have a smooth read. 


Standout Qualities of Men’s Plus-Size Polo Shirts 

Comfort and Fit

Comfort and a flattering fit go a long way in boosting the confidence of the clothing wearer. Comfort should be the primary consideration when buying a plus-size polo shirt. Because struggling in an uncomfortable polo dampens your confidence, especially during important moments.

man in black polo shirt

For a chubby man, a good-fitting polo shirt fits perfectly over his shoulders and is a bit wider near his hips, avoiding being too tight or too loose. 

Ensure that it hugs your body, enhancing your silhouette without constricting movement. To achieve the ideal fit, ensure ample room for effortless arm movement and breathing while avoiding excess fabric that could result in a loose or unflattering appearance.

The shirt’s fit should embrace your natural shape without hindering movement, with a soft transition from the chest to the waist for a flattering contour. The optimum hemline for this design is somewhere between your mid-crotch and your belt line, giving you options for tucked-in or untucked looks. 

Remember to prioritise comfort and steer clear of polo shirts that bunch up uncomfortably or limit your range of movement. Then, you need to know the following measurements: 

gray polo shirt on blue textile

1. Shoulder Seam: Check that the shoulder seam aligns perfectly with your shoulder bone. It shouldn’t droop down your arm or hug too close to your neck. Thus, you should strive for a clean fit where the seam sits just at the edge of your shoulder for a polished look.

2. Length: The shirt should terminate around mid-hip, allowing for easy tucking if desired. Avoid shirts that are too short or too long, as they can disrupt your proportions. Finding the proper length ensures a balanced and sophisticated appearance.

3. Sleeve Length: When buying men’s plus-size polo shirts, pick sleeves that reach your mid-bicep for an elegant look. Avoid extremes in sleeve length, as they will impact your overall silhouette. Therefore, pick a fit that is both flattering and comfortable.

Knowing your measurements for chest, waist, sleeve, and trouser lengths is key. Most online vendors, like Biggmans, provide charts under each polo shirt to help you make informed choices instead of guessing.

Fabric Material

Another relevant factor to consider is the cloth material used to produce the polo shirts. Hence, pick men’s plus-size polo shirts produced with high-quality materials that provide breathability, comfort, and durability. 

assorted textiles

Pick materials like cotton or blends for a soft feel against the skin. Consider the fabric weight, too; lighter options are ideal for warm weather conditions, while slightly heavier fabrics provide structure and refinement.

There are four primary types of men’s polo shirts to explore:

  1. Polyester: Men’s plus-size polo shirts are made entirely from polyester fabric and are durable. Because it won’t fade, shrink, or wrinkle like cotton polo shirts do. Thus, they are a reliable option for regular wear to business outings.
  1. Performance Fabrics: Designed for athletes, lightweight textiles featuring polyester and spandex offer flexibility and moisture-wicking properties. With UV resistance, they enhance performance on the tennis court, golf course, or bowling alley.
  1. Cotton: Cotton materials used in clothing products are known for their superior quality. Also, they are known to be lightweight and breathable. Cotton polo shirts are ideal for formal events. They tend to shrink and may, however, fade with time, but they are worth all the hype and look great while in use. 
  1. Polyester-Cotton Blend: Some clothing manufacturing brands combine the strength of polyester with the comfort of cotton. Hence, the polo shirts formed from the combination offer versatility for office or business attire. It is also easy to maintain and budget-friendly.

Preventing Your Cotton Men’s Plus-Size size polo shirts from shrinking

First, check the label inside your polo shirt for washing instructions. If you’re cautious, opt for a cold water wash to maintain size, although a 20–30-degree cycle is usually safe.

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Air drying is crucial to prevent fading and shrinking, especially for cotton, and it’s eco-friendly too. Following these steps will keep your polo shirts looking great for the upcoming warmer seasons. 


As a plus-size man, embrace colourful and comfortable clothing options for elegant and confident looks. While fashion influencers may suggest neutral or dark colours to conceal shape, it’s important not to hide personality for style. 

white button up shirt on brown wooden table

Choose tones that go well with your skin tone and hair colour when starting with basic tints like pink, white, burgundy, baby blue, green, purple, orange, yellow, or navy. Once you get the fundamentals down, experiment with patterns like stripes or checks to stand out by using contrasting colours to create a statement.

Bottom Line

With these qualities, you will be able to choose men’s plus-size polo shirts that help you stand elegantly and beam with great confidence. 

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