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Lighthouse Kitchen and Lounge is a small Italian eatery within walking distance from the Triq Tal Balal avenue in San Gwann, Malta. Now that you know how to get there, let me tell you all about it. You see, I’m all about authentic flavours, and there are few spots as original as this one.

From the outside, Lighthouse Kitchen is modest and unpretentious. If you’re on the phone, you might miss it, but you really shouldn’t! A modern decor of simple white lines and wooden tables is a perfect setting for the kitchen’s colourful dishes. There are several cozy tables close to the open kitchen, and there’s outdoor sitting, too, for when the weather is right.

The menu is simple but on point. Classic Italian starters like antipasto and bruschetta are a great way to start the night. Still, it’s the pasta that steals the show: Lasagna, freshly made orecchiette and hand-rolled trofie pasta are served with rich, unctuous sauces. Save room for the main course because both, chicken and veal cottoleta, are as good they get.

Service is top notch. Never rushed, and very engaging. The restaurant is run by a charming Italian couple that treats you like an old friend.

If you want good, traditional, Italian food, at affordable prices, in a nice, warming environment, then you should come check Lighthouse out. One more thing, it’s closed on Monday’s, but they open for both, lunch and dinner, any other day. If you visit, tell me all about it, I’m planning on becoming a regular, so, chances are I’ll meet you there!

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